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Thugs of forecasting Hindostan office: Aamir Khan's film could cross the 100 crore mark just 3 days | bollywood


The Thugs of Hindostan is the great Diwali release of the year and boasts a huge cast including Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Katrina Kaif and Fatima Sana Shaikh, each with a huge fan following their own. Analysts of the film trade do not doubt the film will take the cash registers that hit this Diwali. However, manufacturers have decided to increase the price of tickets to justify the huge budget of the film made on a large scale.

The advance booking of the movie, which opened on Saturday, already implies home theaters with about two tickets sold the very first day, as reports. The report also states that the film has already outgrew Tiger Zinda Hai, Sanju and Avengers – Infinity War although it still lags behind Baahubali – The conclusion before the detention.

Film exporter Akshaye Rathi claims the film will break the 100 crore mark within three days of its release. She says, "First, the day Diwali is always considered the best day of the year for the release of a film." Secondly, look at the details that have been encountered in this film: Aamir, Amitabh Bachchan, Katrina, YRF, together create a very exciting package for people to come and watch in cinemas. "

"Thirdly, the price of the movie to be shot will be among the highest ever recorded for any Hindi film, which will eventually give the film a breakthrough in the evidence coming in. Until Saturday, it will run easily beyond brand of 100 crore, "he adds.

But will Aamir be able to break the record he has set with his latest film Dangal? Paths clarifies: "The data they have encountered for Hindostan's Thugs have a chance to overcome the Dangal, but ultimately it depends on how the audience reacts to the content, if the story is vague and quite entertaining, and the world has a a good time to watch it, I certainly think it can go beyond the Dangal. God forbids if the film suffers at the level of history and script, then it can be an uphill project. "

For recording, movie makers have fallen ticket prices that comes as a painful shock to cinemas. Rathie explains the reason behind such a decision: "It's a matter of the value of the money you give to the audience. If you show me a movie like Stree for 600 Rs, maybe I do not want to watch it or watch it at a movie with a lower ticket price or it may be when it comes to TV or an electronic portal but if it shows me a strong movie at 800 Rs, I know that is the experience that was bought from the money. If it is a different kind of movie, a different ticket price is justified. So, finally, the content the movie offers is more than just the price of the ticket. "

"If you are a fan of Amamir, Amitrim and Katrina, I think a small premium is worth it, not for how much people pay, it's about whether people get the experience they deserve more than the money they pay, he added.

Aamir also spoke to PTI in an interview about raising fees: "I can understand that it's an expensive movie. Personally, I'm always on the tickets to be cheaper. I think we should have theaters that are economical and people have to go and watch the movie in the theater. It is my dream that in India you should have theaters that are economic, medium and polite. Everyone should have the opportunity to have access to the film and I hope this happens. "

Rathi is in support of Aamir and says: "Generally, I absolutely agree that the price of tickets should be reduced." The low-hanging tree for the average Indian should become a sector that is accessible to the common man. The government must also work on this issue as it also receives many taxes on ticket prices. "

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First Published: Nov 06, 2018 16:08 IST

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