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100 thousand tons of corn input takes only one month


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – President of the Indonesian People's Birds Association (Pinsar) Parjuni said that imports corn by the government for 100 thousand tons of feed only temporary antidotes. According to him, the amount of corn import can only cover the needs of small farmers in a month.

"What we're worried about is that after that there will be more imports, if there are no other, it's the same, that means prices are rising again," he said, On Monday (5/11).

Because, continued, production from the harvest in November does not meet the needs of corn growers. In fact, the next harvest season will only take place in February.

"March, April and May will be re-introduced because the place at that time was the top of poultry production so that more imports are needed at the time," Parjuni explained.

Based on Pinsar's observation, the price of corn for feed is now translucent with $ 5,000 per kilogram (kg). The price is very comparable to the Ministry of Commerce's report with a moisture content of 15%, which is 3,150 drachmas per kilogram.

"So, if the price does not fall down, it is useless for imports but only for votes. What we are asking for is awareness soon," he added.

Agricultural observer Dwi Andreas Santoso is pessimistic that the import of 100 thousand tons of corn may affect the price and availability of supplies on the market. After all, the price of corn has increased, which means that the supply to the market is very rare.

"There is a shortage of corn that is serious enough, so the import of 100,000 tons is likely to have no effect," he said.

In addition, he continued, the decision to import from the government was too late, as small farmers had criticized the lack of corn supply since mid-year.

"You can imagine how much loss farmers are experiencing," he said.

The same was done by the Georgia Observers and by the Director of the Research Center for Sustainable Food Studies at Padjadjaran University Ronnie S Natawijaya. In fact, even if the import of 100 thousand tons of corn has an influence, then nature is only for a moment.

"Perhaps the influence is just a moment when the imported stock enters the market, that is if the fall is concentrated at one point," he explained.

100 thousand tons of corn input takes only one monthPicture of corn. (BETWEEN PHOTOS / Abriawan Abhe).

Of course, he added that corn imports were only 100,000 tonnes that allegedly came from a simple estimate of the amount of demand minus the amount of production. It is assumed that import needs are calculated on the basis of the supply response (supply) of farmers, market participants and the industrial needs of the animals.

"I suspect I need more than 100 thousand tons to be able to push the price to 4,000 pounds per kilo," he said.

Although researcher Rusli Abdullah said that imports of corn could reduce prices, but only temporary or by the end of the year. "If you look at the law of demand and supply, a minimum of imports can lower prices," he said.

For information, the Ministry of Agriculture recommends the import of corn for animal feed at a limited co-ordination meeting (Rakortas) held last weekend. In fact, the government restricts imports from 2016.

The Rakotas was attended by Coordinator Finance Minister Darmin Nasuti, Minister of Agriculture Amran Sulaiman, Minister of Commerce Enggartiasto Lukita and Minister of BUMN Rini Soemarno, including Budi Waseso Head of Supply Office.

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