Wednesday , May 31 2023

Abdul Somad's presentation A clear motion violates Islamic values


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Chairman of the Advisory Board Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Din Syamsuddin calling on the famous ulama of Riau Ustaz Abdul Somad aka the UAS deleted on YouTube has been canceled against Islamic values ​​and freedom.

It is well known that on a site, a page submitted a request that agreed that the community agreed if the video of Ustaz Abdul Somad's performance was canceled because it was linked to a banned organization.

The petition filed since October 30, 2018 has been fired by the public for 67,867 times. Of them, 97 percent or 66,136 people disagreed, while the remaining three percent and 1,731 people agreed that the UAS lecture was canceled.

"Such a petition does not have to happen because of the contradiction of Islamic religious values ​​and Islamic morality, but in particular it violates the Basic Law on Freedom of Expression," said Din south of Jakarta on Saturday (3/11).

According to Din, allegations that UAS was linked to banned organizations was defamatory. Din considered that such accusations should be confirmed or submitted to the person concerned.

He is also worried that Muslims are often accused of accusations that slander somebody and the accusations that UAS has experienced.

"And, according to the prosecution, I do not intend to do so, so I have to do it, and I am very worried that the Muslims often make false accusations against someone who is defamatory," he said.

MUI: A clear protest from Abdul Somad's presentation violated Islamic valuesDin Syamsuddin confirmed that Ustadz Abdul Somad did not support radical organizations. (CNN Indonesia / Christie Stefanie)

According to him, if there are scientists or preachers who speak in the caliph, they do not relate directly to the illicit mass organization, but to an important Islamic teaching.

Din even claimed to support khilafa because khilafah was part of the Islamic teachings. However, he continued, does not mean that those who quickly hold the khilafah's teachings are accused of being anti-Pancasila.

"This is the reason for misrepresenting the caliphate of Islamic teachings that we should not fear or even accept that the Pancasila state has changed, but that does not mean that anti-Pancasila is the cause of" Din said.

In addition, Din invited the public, especially the Muslims, to always maintain harmony with others. He also hopes that there is no more deterrence against preachers or preachers, especially in oppressive ways.


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