Thursday , June 8 2023

Diego Maradona: Santiago Solari will not stay in Real Madrid


Maradona continues to doubt the ability of Solari, who has just been appointed as the permanent coach of Los Blancos.

Santiago Solari will not last long as a Real Madrid coach, said Diego Maradona.

The appointment of Solari as a permanent coach Los Blancos for the next 18 months that was officially announced on Tuesday (11/13) yesterday after the submission of four temporary game matches that replaced Julen Lopetegui.

Maradona then compared Solari's appointment until 2021 with Argentina's national team that chose Lionel Scaloni as a substitute for Jorge Sampaoli.

"I would say only that in both cases they did not have much support for the two teams," said Argentina's legend Mark.

"It's just that if they choose to have supporters from the president of the Argentine federation and the president of Real Madrid, but I do not think they will last."

"Coaches have a period of circulation and will not be that long."

Madrid certainly hopes that Solari can imitate the success of Zinedine Zidane, who won three Champions League trophies in the series after being promoted by the Castilla team.

"It's different when you talk about the release period, if you call it Zidane and compared to Scaloni or Solari," Maradona continued.

Maradona now manages the Mexican club Nertudes of the second division and says he will be happy to have the opportunity to train Madrid.

"I will love it. I have a big shoulder for it [tanggung jawab] but not all do not work like this. Now I'm in Dorados and I'm happy, "he said.

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