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Do not get iKON Tickets, iKONIC participates in the song outside of the concert venue


JAKARTA, – The fans of the Korean iKON boy group, who did not have concert tickets, watched Sunday (11/18/2018) fill the Senayan area of ​​Indoor Tennis, Central Jakarta.

Even before the concert begins, many iKONIC, called iKON fans, still hope that the "miracle" of ticket sales will reopen.

A little chaos happened because of the news that tickets were on the spot opened. The eventual female dominating audience immediately ran to the bench.

The situation is no longer encouraging because they encourage each other.

"Tickets … tickets … tickets," they exclaimed.

Seeing this, several officers immediately secured and asked them to withdraw.

"Back down all the younger brothers, broke up, please work together, there are no other tickets," said an officer.

A committee also announced that tickets for the "Continue Tour in Jakarta" concert had been exhausted exhausted.

Greetings "huuu …" reacted to those who did not make tickets.

Indah from Bandung, West Java, hopes to be able to follow iKON. In fact, she surprised several times so you can watch together.

He claimed to have come to Tennis Indoor Senayan, Central Jakarta, from Sunday morning or at 5:00. Unfortunately, it has not yet reached its turn, tickets have been announced that they have run out.

"I'm waiting for the tickets on the spot because the online market is also not very difficult to access and there is no information that the ticket is running out," said Indah.

He hopes iKON will have a concert next year. It also hopes that the ticket sales system will be improved.

"The iKON Fandom (fan base) in Indonesia is already very long, it's a pity the concert is only in a place with a capacity of 3,000 people. It could also be a concert of iKON that will be held for 3 days so that everyone they will come, "he said.

He claimed to have resigned and would still be waiting outside of Tennis Indoor Senayan.

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In cyberspace, many fans share videos from those who do not receive tickets.

For example, Twitter @ indriaghniya account owner. In the video they uploaded, they watched the fans sing while Konbat or iKON lightstick shoved from outside Tennis Indoor Senayan.

There followed each song that sang. This was done until the end of the concert.

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