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DRASTIC … The wife held by KPK, wife Zumi Zola survives with the sale of Hijab


RIAUSKY.COM – The life of Zumi Zola's wife, Sherrin Tharia, has changed dramatically since her husband was arrested by the KPK for alleged bribery.

Previously, Sherrin Tharia had admitted that her wealth was inherited. He transferred it through his Instagram account some time ago.

But now, Sherrin sells the hijab. Zumi Zola had the opportunity to reveal her family's current financial situation. In the trial with the defendant's agenda for examining the court in Jakarta on Monday, October 29, 2018.

During the trip to the KPK case, Zumi Zola did not receive a salary.

"I asked for money in the safe and in the formal home to be returned because the money actually came from my income from the position of the governor and the cost of my wife and children 4 and 2 years, while I was kept, my wife survived with sale of handkerchiefs, "Zumi said on

Zumi, who is currently an inactive Jambi governor, has asked KPK investigators to return the money to the safe.

He said about the origin of the money. When he proceeded to Jambi regional elections, Zumi helped with his father's funds, none but Zulkifli Nurdin, Governor Jambi for the years 1999-2005 and 2005-2010.

"My parents said they would help around $ 4 billion and $ 100,000 Rp. I used the money," Zumi said.

After winning the election, Zumi Zola put the rest of the money in a safe in his home. Both in the form of rupee and US dollars.

The money box also contained pounds and dollars of Singapore, which were seized entirely by KPK.

He also asked for his family's villa to be returned to Jambi because he had nothing to do with the affair that tied him.

"Yes, the important thing is that you can prove the origin of the money and be able to convince the prosecutor," said Judge Yanto.

In this case, Zumi Zola Zulkifli was accused of receiving $ 40.477 billion of allowances plus $ 177.3 thousand (about $ 2,594 billion) and $ 100,000 of Singapore (about $ 1,067 billion) so the total would reach 44.13 billion Rp and Alphard cars and bribe members of the DPRD. Jambi worth 16.49 billion IDR. (R02 / Dream / Merdeka)

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