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Each month 10 to 15 Blitar residents are infected with HIV Online Nation


Head of Prevention of Elimination of Illness at the Blitar Health Office, Krishna Gheti.

BLITAR, – The transmission rate of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in the Blitar area is all the more worrying. The local Health Service notes that every month there are at least 10 to 15 new HIV-infected patients reported to be infected. This was expressed by Head of Prevention of Disease Eradication at District Blitar Health Office, Krisna Yekti.

"Every month, the reports that come to us are 10 to 15 young sufferers. This is only the report or findings of Dinkas officers. This means that it is likely that there are still those who have not reported or even shut down when they feel have contracted the virus, "said Krisna Yekti 11/2018).

Young people suffering from HIV / AIDS at Blitar Regency are dominated by producers aged 35 to 45. But some of them are still young children and adolescents. In addition to being dominated by the productive age group, those who happen with HIV are on average those at high risk of HIV transmission.

Most of the transmission is through sexual contact, and many of them are indeed high-risk groups, but there are housewives and infants, while housewives usually contribute to their spouses while infants are infected by their mothers, explained.

According to him, since it was first discovered in 2005, to date, the number of people with HIV / AIDS has reached 1,332. Of these, 361 died. "Of these, 612 is HIV, while 710 is AIDS," he added.

In response to the ever-increasing transmission of HIV, the government of the Blitar government through the health office has indeed made various efforts. One of these is through socialization and education of the public about the risks and transmission of HIV / AIDS. While those who have a contract with the DHO, they still provide regular treatment and help.

"In addition to socializing to cope with the widespread transmission of treatment viruses to those who have already occurred, it is also under way." Through the VCT Clinic (Voluntary Counseling and Testing) at Ngudi Waluyo Hospital, Blitar Regency, "he concluded. (in / rev)

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