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Hundreds of cats in Jakarta are spoiled to prevent rabies, dogs when?


Hundreds of cats in eastern Jakarta are castrated or neutered to reduce the population to prevent rabies. Are the same programs available for dogs?

Irma Budiarti, head of KPKP's livestock unit, said there were no plans to implement a dog castration program. The reason, the dog castration process is more difficult.

"For the dog, we'll handle it a little annoying, later there will be dogs," said Irma when she comes in contact with Thursday (11/15/2018).

In addition to the level of difficulty, the cost of dog castration is also more expensive. One of the big expenses is for drugs.

"For dogs, medicines are too much and very expensive," he said.

Male cat in East Jakarta castrated / Male cat in East Jakarta castrated / Photo: Doc. Subpart KPKP of Eastern Jakarta

Irma said the increase in the dog population was not as fast as that of a cat. Therefore, it is currently focusing on the injury of proprietary male cats. As on Wednesday (11/13), there were 132 neutered cats.

In addition to castration, many efforts have been made by the KPKP subdivision to keep Jakarta free of rabies. "There is another activity, vaccination against rabies, the second is the capture of wild cat dogs," he concluded.
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