Tuesday , October 4 2022

Keeping the urine until you fall asleep, the following 7 habits can harm the human kidney


TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The kidneys play an important role in keeping your body healthy.

The kidneys are known to help produce red blood cells, regulate blood pressure, detoxify internal organs and control the levels of all the major minerals contained in our blood.

It is very important to reduce the risk of kidney disease and it is important to maintain the health of our kidneys.


Just change some bad habits that can hurt the kidneys.

Here are 7 habits that can hurt our kidneys as it is mentioned Bright Side on Wednesday (11/07/2018).

1. Hold the urine

Maintaining urine is one of the main causes of kidney problems. Especially if you do it all the time.

If you often resist urge to urinate, the urine remains in the bladder for a longer period of time.

Well, this problem makes the bacteria multiply faster.

Finally, this can cause serious consequences such as kidney infection and urinary incontinence.

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