Monday , October 3 2022

Luna Maya speaks love and love, holds and remains emotions


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Personal life Luna Maya never missed the projector. After his love story with Ariel's singer a few years ago, Luna Maya made love with the young bearer Reino Barack.

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Recently, Luna Maya said the story of love with Reino Barack must be over. Seeing the love story of Luna Maya going up and down, what exactly is the concept of love for a 35-year-old woman?

"I do not believe the name of love needs to have," said Luna Maya. According to him, if one loves, then it is right for him to have this person. "If you love, but the other says you do not want it, which means he does not love, even though he is still love, perhaps."

Luna Maya.

Luna Maya did not deny that there was still love from the couple that had been separated. But for him, it was only remnants of previous feelings. Because in fact, according to Luna Maya, if the couple decides to split, that means there is no more love among them.

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"She left and never met, she never gave any news, then she is no love anymore," she said Luna Maya. "Love must be cultivated. If you love someone, take care of it."


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