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Maria Ozawa Kesal After checking 3 hours Instead, inviting the face of Selfie


JAKARTA, – Japanese actress Maria Ozawa struck her frustration over her Instagram account, @maria.ozawa, on the issue she called on Wednesday (11/07/2018) from the I Denpasar Bali Immigration Bureau.

Previously, the woman, who was also known as an adult movie star named Miyabi, was examined for about 3 hours at the Denpasar Migration Bureau.

"I'm sure most of you already know the tremendous experience I had to spend yesterday at 11:00 am. during the immigration of Bali, Indonesia, "Ozawa wrote on starting the video description she uploaded on Wednesday (11/07/2018).

Ozawa said the date he had approached immigration officials until he preserved his passport at the time.

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"I followed the birthday party of my best friend Barbie Nouva and when the party ended two people suddenly came to me and said they were taking ppl from immigration and had to see my passport. It sounds like I have no choice but to show them and the next second they left with my passport without saying anything … !!!, "Ozawa wrote irritably.

Ozawa claimed he panicked when his passport was seized by officers. He immediately began his party and hurried to the immigration office.

"Everyone's brawl called many people … He finished the party and went straight to the Immigration Bureau, "he said.

Upon arriving at the immigration office, Ozawa was immediately examined. He tried to hear the explanation of the seizure of his passport.

"Soon, the officers told me that someone from a birthday party contacted the immigration office and told them that I tried to do something bad or business or whatever and told me all the lies and rumors to find me in trouble. like WTF !!!!"he said.

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After being examined for two hours, Ozawa finally returned his passport. However, there was one thing that disappointed him a lot.

"And since I was talking about malicious for two hours at the office, I wrote several papers to sign. By giving back my passport, he repeatedly told me how famous I am in Indonesia. And when I left the office, they they asked me to take with them, "said Osawa.

This makes Ozawa feel frustrated. He felt that his arrival for collecting the passport was deliberately used by people for the chance to take pictures.

"What is this; Seriously; Likewise, immigration people build stories and lurk, collect information, watch me, get my passport (they know I will come to get it) ONLY AGAINST ME!"he said disappointingly.

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Ozawa regrets this fact and hopes that these bad habits can change.

"This is very wrong in many respects … I'm glad I'm famous, but this country has to change, these people are moving away "good" people out there. Stop bothering me every time I visit Indonesia. Obviously, I need more privacy. Build Indonesia I know you are better, "completed the description of the uploaded video.

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I'm sure most of you know so far about the awesome experience yesterday around 11am-3am. the immigration of Bali, Indonesia. I had a birthday party and my friend was very happy and I had to see my passport and I did not need another choice but to show them the next second they just went without saying anything to my passport … !!! ALWAYS ALWAYS KEEP some people. Canceled the party and went straight to the Immigration Bureau. …… LONG STORY SHORT, the officers told me that someone from the bday party called to the immigration office and told them that I was trying to do something or whatever it was, rumoring anything to get me into trouble. Like WTF !!!! And after talking about NONSSE for 2 hours in the office, they wrote some papers for me to sign … I returned my passport, I said FAMOUS over and over again how I was in Indonesia and I stepped out of the office, they asked me to get a self with them … Like me? Seriously; Likewise, people migrated around, gathered information, followed me to get my passport (knowing I'm going to get it). HAVE A SELFIE WITH ME! I'm glad I'm well known but this is the country that needs to change, these people turn off the "good" people out there. Stop bothering me every time I visit Indonesia .. There is clearly more privacy. Wake Indonesia I know you are better.

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