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NASA wants to extract Mars to land for the amount of missile


TRIBUNTRAVEL.COM – In a trip to another planet, of course, fuel issues become the most important problem, especially the return journey.

To overcome this, US Space Agency (NASA) wrote Kurt Leucht on how they worked hard to find a possible solution to this problem.

They think that a solution is needed if the Martian land is used as a rocket.

Even so, it is called a "dust factory as a rocket".

The purpose of the ISRU is to extract water, the red soil typical of Mars.

Then use the electrolysis to "drain" hydrogen and oxygen.

The team plans to link the hydrogen produced by the process with coal from the Red Planet atmosphere to methane production.

Well, this methane will be the rocket fuel to return to Earth.

NASA plans to send the ISRU system to Mars on the human colonial mission on Thursday (January 2018) announced in Science Alert.

The plan is to send this system together with robots gathering the earth from the Earth's neighbors.

"This technology one day allows people to live and work on Mars," Leucht wrote.

"And back to Earth to tell," he added.

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