Tuesday , October 4 2022

Occupying Position 4 of the Great World, Xiaomi arrives in Europe


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Based on IDC data (International Data Corp.), Xiaomi today is the fourth largest seller in the world. Corporate origin China now extends to Europe with the launch of Mi 8 Pro in London on Thursday (8/11).

After Europe, Xiaomi will enter the United States market next month, AFP said. However, it is not yet known whether the trade war imposed by the US government in China will affect the Xiaomi project.

Xiaomi strengthens its position against its rivals like Apple, Huawei and Samsung. In addition to mobile phone transport, Xiaomi also sells other products such as tracker fitness bracelets (fitness tracker) and electric scooters. The company will also open Mi's country store.

"Mi 8 Pro is an important product, and because this is the right time for a global launch in London," explained Donovan Sing, Xiaomi's product manager.

Xiaomi founder Lei Jun said that his company developed a new kind of business that combines between material (hardware), internet and e-commerce. At present, Xiaomi products are not only smartphone, but the company also did Powerbank in a rice cooker.

At present, over one third of Xiaomi's revenue comes from sales in the international market. This year, Xiaomi successfully defeated Samsung in India and became the largest salesman in the country.

Later, mobile phone users in Europe have retired from expensive mobile phones such as the iPhone or Samsung. Similar things also appear on the American market. The offer of cheaper mobile phones, such as Xiaomi, has proved to be a market-critical product in countries such as France, Italy and Spain.

European markets have responded positively to Xiaomi products, which were considered to have higher specifications than similar devices sold at the same price. (former)

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