Tuesday , May 30 2023

Russian men Buy iPhone XS Use a bathtub pickup


KOMPAS.com – For the sake of the latest XS XS, there are many ways to make Apple fans. For example, staying one night for the first team to keep the latest iPhone series.

Another unique way is being conducted by a group of Russian men. They carry a bathtub filled with changes to a shopping mall in Moscow. The bathtub contains thousands of rubles (Russian currency) that claim to weigh 350 kilos.

The coins are then transferred to an Apple official store. After having had the opportunity to fight with the security officers, representatives of the Apple Store, Lyundmila Semushina said if the shopkeepers then counted all the coins in the bathtub.

He claimed that the number of coins had reached 100,000 pieces. This amount is enough to bring home an iPhone XS in Russia which is sold from 1,050 to 1,500 USD (about Rp 15-22 million).

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"What does" #orientasiklien "mean? When a customer decides to make a feel and brings a change bathtub to exchange it for an iPhone, then the vendor patiently and calmly sits to count the coins from the bathtub," Semushina wrote.

This is not without purpose. Svyatoslav Kovalenko, a YouTuber user who does this, has a specific message.

As it is KompasTekno let it go ABCOn Wednesday (11/14/2018), the action took place to change people's behavior towards small things. He said many shops in Russia had not changed and sometimes refused to serve customers if they did not bring the right money.

"We have decided to do a global experiment and turn to those who have refused to accept the change," said Kovalenko.

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"The more people watch this vodeo, the more people understand this change, no matter how many coins, whether it's 10 coins, it's still one coin," he added.

The video to buy a XS iPhone with coins was uploaded to the YouTube channel Svyatoslav Kovalenko titled "The Legendary Bath of Change".

Until they wrote these news, the video had seen 46,000 times. The actions of Kolakenov et al are found in the following link.

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