Monday , October 3 2022

The security difference causes the Instagram user password to escape

[ad_1], Jakarta – By accident, a crack at Instagram penetrated his users' passwords.

According to reports Digital trends where is Tekno which was reported on Sunday (11/18/2018), this problem comes from tool which allows users to download copies of their data, Download Your Data.

Well, tool turned out to have a security hole that accidentally leaks passwords into plain text (no code).

Last April, Facebook's social network really released the download of your data, a tool who can send file contains images, comments, and other information shared by users with Instagram.

This feature has been released as an attempt to comply with European regulations on data privacy. In addition, the feature is also there to ensure users' privacy rights in their Instagram replication so that the Cambridge Analyst scandal does not resume.

Unfortunately, tool Receiving your data also contains security issues where tool this sends password Instagram users. Not only that, for many reasons, password is also stored server Facebook and has now been deleted.

To The informationsaid a spokesman for Instagram, "Security tool Download Your data has been corrected. This problem only affects a few users. "

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