Sunday , September 25 2022

11-11 Memories Retold Review (Xbox One)


War games are almost ten-dime, and they have been around for quite some time, but 11-11 Memories Retold is a very different beast like the Call of Duty and the Medal of Honor. In order to coincide with the centenary of Peace Day, the official end of the World War, the release of the game is certainly unpleasant. Like history, seeing you take control of a man on both sides of this bitter conflict.

In all 11-11 memories of Retold, you will find your perspective of switching between two main characters. The first is Harry, a Canadian photographer who finds himself constituted as a personal journalist of the selfish General. On the other hand, you will take control of Kurt – a German engineer who heads to the front line to locate his missing son.

Developers have done a wonderful job with these characters, especially the tired but determined Kurt. His situation really resonates, and in reality the way in which the German characters are depicted in their entirety deserves faith. They feel very human, unlike the generous cold and heady soldiers you see in most war games.

Of course, it's not a real spoiler to reveal that the two main characters cross paths before the end of the game. The story that attracts them gives time to breathe, allowing you plenty of time to get to know the cast before the ramp goes. It's a well-known narrative that kept our interest all the way, although 11-11 Memories Retold are not as skinny as we were hoping for. This feels like a slightly glossy version of the events, which is directed away from some of the most terrifying aspects of the war (or just suggests them).

Still, at times you have direct control of the narrative and the direction it needs. This steering wheel may be as thin as a line you choose to write in a letter to the young daughter of Koch, or something that has a much greater effect – there are no spoilers here, though.

We had definitely described 11-11 as an occasional narrative experience, rather than a game. Occasionally you have to solve a very simple puzzle, like pushing the boxes to clear a path, while the weird mini game is also cultivated to divert your attention. However, most of the time will just explore the environments for collectibles, or in the case of Harry, taking snapshots of whatever interest it presents. If you want any real challenge, better leave this title alone.

Speaking of these environments, they have been made in a stunning aquarelle style, which is unique and rather easy to do. The graphics were actually handled by Aardman and have done a remarkable job. I can not think of another recent game that boasts such incredible and distinct visuals – it's like the scene comes out before you in real time.

Similarly, Memories Retold's 11-11 sound matches the game perfectly. It is dark when it must be, noisy or even optimistic at other times. And the voice is excellent thanks to the premium cast, which includes Sebastian Koch and Elijah Wood.

If you are after a mild-narrated narrative experience, then 11-11 Memories Retold deserves to be considered. However, anyone after a proper "game" with any kind of challenge is likely to be disappointed by the rather basic gameplay.

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