Friday , February 3 2023

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Judy Love welcomes the “sacrifice” of the late parents

Empty female star Judy Love said competing in the “Come Carefully” dance would give her late parents “comfort for everything they sacrificed.”

The TV presenter explained that his parents moved to the UK from the West Indies, but his mother later died in 2009 of dementia and his father after a pandemic.

The 41-year-old said: “I think my father and mother, because they both passed, were very proud.

“I think my mom would probably want to dance with Graziano and some of these beautiful dresses. And I think they will just feel proud and honored.”

“Their journey from West India to here, like any parent, no matter where you come from, you hope the next generation can do more than you, and I think it would give them comfort. For all that they have sacrificed. “

When asked if Strictly was part of the healing process, he explained: “I think it helps people get through this. I think it’s something that people can connect with.

“And for me personally, I’m very open to my feelings and I’m honest with you with your feelings, your emotions, and your desire to help.”

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