Monday , January 30 2023

Because David Attenborough does not help die animals when we really want it


Let's face it, as it is amazing and moving like Sir David Attenborough and his documentaries, we can only cry on television – WHY why why would not you help this poor baby stamp all by himself surrounded by killer whales? !?

Many of us have already been precisely to let nature run its course, but now, Sir David Attenborough has opened up for why he did not let his crew interfere while they were filming Dynasties, as they were forced to watch the death of a chimpanzee after being attacked by a rival team.

Executive producer Michael Godon explained, at the start of the series, "We have a rule that interference is a very dangerous thing to do, but these penguins will die through a horrible act of nature if nothing happens.

"How would this debate happen if you said you saw them there and did nothing? I think you should do it."

Although they were not allowed to save the chimpanzee, they were allowed to rescue a group of newly formed penguin emperors who had been trapped in a frozen ravine by cutting stairs into it so their mother could help them all safely.

Why are the penguins and not the chimpanzee?

David explained thattragedy is a part of life and you have shown it " and would have only exacerbated the situation if they intervened.

Then he made a proportion of a calf calf hunting from a leopard:

"What are you guys doing? Suppose you did something that feared leopard, black would be disoriented and probably could not find his way home, so he's likely to die.

"The leopard will go away and we have to find another fawn and are likely to have problems with his young children."

We still want every beautiful creature to continue to live … but we understand his reasoning.

Do you agree with his ways?

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