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"It was a spectacular effort" – Joe Schmidt welcomed the star in Chicago after a comfortable victory


Ireland's Headmaster Joe Schmidt. Photo: Sports file
Ireland's Headmaster Joe Schmidt. Photo: Sports file

Ireland's coach, Joe Schmidt, was commended for the spectacular effort made by Jordan Larmour, the great tricks.

The 21-year-old, Solider Field's sensational individual performance set the three-second goal and set up Luke McGrath.

Italy could not live with Larmour's electric footwork while presenting a devastating show at the start of its first international season.

Larmor began to pull off completely before moving to the right wing and thinking of Schmidt before Argentina came to Dublin next week.

"Jordan has managed to get to the ball several times, and Luke McGrath's first half was fantastic," Schmidt said after winning 54-7 in Solider Field.

"I think John Cooney was finally looking for a good job, persecuted him, but he did not demand it.

"I think this is a very spectacular effort from Jordan and will be happy to pick up the first globe he took in the air.

"There are some positional things that you are still working on, and you want the 15 and the wing to release your time.

Ireland Rhys Ruddock echoed Schmidt's Larmour mood: "It's incredibly exciting every time you get the ball, you're looking for opportunities.

"It's hard to keep up with him sometimes as a back row, we have to stand on his shoulders to support him, but fortunately today he did not need much help when he got these opportunities.

Conor O 'Shea, who had a full recovery at the time, compared Larmour with All Blacks legend Christian Cullen.

The Italian boss admitted that his side did not help themselves as they struggled to keep a young talent.

"Run, we all know," she added. "They will all love being able to do this. It reminds a young Christian Cullen he can do.

"I'm sure there are certain areas in his game that he knows he needs to work, but if someone places space and time for his skills, then that will be avoided.

Ireland has not suffered any new injury concerns before Pumas is in the Aviva Stadium.

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