Wednesday , October 5 2022

It's Featured Wah-way – the world's second-largest smartphone, reveals statistics on Ireland's most secret words.


DUBLIN – (BUSINESS CONNECTOR) – Whether your name is Sadhbh or Meadhbh or you know your Quinoa from you
Acai – The most often unexpected words of Ireland have been uncovered!

New research by global technology giant Huawei, found that Ireland
The Kaohims, Murerenes, the Tangs, and the Blethers had all been beaten by Saddam
(Sai-v) for the top spot of most regularly misleading names in
Ireland: with 25% of respondents getting the name. Moreover, that
it seems that international influences on Irish cuisine affect
our ability to pronounce the food we eat with Worcestershire, Quinoa
and Acai all featuring particularly as the most common mispronounced words
in the Irish saying.

Of course, it's not just the names of people or the favorite foods that are
regularly arranged in Ireland: also brands, are under the same fate
and the survey carried out by Huawei found that more than 30% of it
the respondents chose Huawei as the most difficult to pronounce the brand
in Ireland (pronounced "wah-way" off the road!).

Huawei's research coincides with the launch of Huawei
Mate 20 Pro and while there is some confusion around it
pronunciation, the quality of Huawei's latest mobile device can not be

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is available from today on Vodafone Ireland,
Three Ireland, Irish Carphone Warehouse and Harvey Norman and Ms
supports its launch, Huawei has collaborated with popular online Irish
Celebrities · Senan Byrne, Cal Arnold, Clisare and dynamic twin "Lords
of Strut "to create a series of funny videos to help the Irish
understand and pronounce the world brand. The first of these videos
sees the famous online comedian Senan Byrne create a hilarious mini fake
horror film that, while making the audience laugh, teaches them exactly
how Huawei has to say.

Commenting on the findings of Huawei's research, Zena Ross said: "While
there is still some confusion about how the brand name is expressed,
recognition of this is simply because Huawei is growing so fast
across Ireland! In 2018, already, we have seen a huge increase
popularity with P20 Pro and more recently with Mate 20 Pro devices.
Both phones work together with the camera manufacturer, Leica and produce
the most amazing pictures on any available smartphone, ensuring that Huawei is
driving the market of smartphone photography. We thought about this piece
of the work will give the public the opportunity to work with us
the name that is increasingly getting his love to deal with us
smartphones. "

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