Monday , March 20 2023

Pumas football players are in danger throughout the park


Will Addison says Argentine's obsession with football is evident in their rugby players' talents and warned Ireland that Pumas's deadly back line is capable of producing dance feet and kicking precision.

Ireland hosts Argentines at Aviva Stadium on Saturday in the first part of a conflict trilogy.

Although the All Blacks box office will attract more attention, the center of Ulster Addison is boosted for a difficult day at the office against South Americans, with Ramiro Moyano, Emiliano Boffelli and Bautista Delguy bringing a trick bag at Lansdowne Road

"You look at Argentina as a whole, it's a soccer country, they play a little football," he told Michael Corcoran of RTÉ Sport.

"Every one of their back line can kick very well. They can step, they can beat players.

"Their three backs were only in the top ranks of the people who beat the players in the Rugby Championship. They are in danger throughout the park.

"We have three huge weeks, but you do not take your eyes off what is ahead of you. We have Argentina this week, where this group focuses on the search."

Addison made his international debut against Italy in Chicago last weekend

He came out of the bench with a 54-7 win and is considered as an asset by Joe Schmidt due to his versatility and versatility.

The former Shark Man, who came to Ulster in the summer, meets the conditions for Ireland, although Fermanagah's mother, and is reflected in a proud day in the states.

"My mom grew up just outside Enniskillen and I come here to the family holiday from year zero," he said.

"It was a great experience, I was lucky enough to have my mom and dad there, so it was an extremely proud day for the family.

"It was a great experience so far, I love it, I'm very passionate, I'm embedded in the club in Sale, I was a captain when I left, I really love the place, the childhood of what could be a really proud part of their story.

"I was sad to go, but when I made this decision I had to put everything in it. Luckily I have a large group of kids in Ulster who pushed me to become a better player.

"You have trouble every time you run out of Kingspan, we're going to start and do something special in the years to come, we have a big group of new players with whom I enjoy working, and the passion of the fans is something else.

"We have a serious competition [in the Ireland squad]. It pushes you, and I love to push from the other players right now. "

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