Friday , September 30 2022

Rights lawyer abandons the "cynical" forum for mothers and children


Adoptionist fighter, Paul Redmond, resigned from the Forum for Mother and Child Co-operation, calling "a cynical, time-consuming farce."

The forum was established in July to facilitate dialogue and action on issues related to former mothers and nursing homes. The forum has 20 members and is divided into three sub-committees dealing with specific issues.

Mr. Redmond, who was born in 1964 at the home of Mother and Child Castlepollard at Co Westmeath, is the chairman of the CMABS (Mother and Baby Survivors Association).

With resignation, he said the forum did not benefit the survivors.

Paul Redmond

He also said he "hired a famous lawyer to file a formal complaint with the United Nations Commission Against Torture for a complete lack of action on survivors 'issues and this disgusting forum aimed at avoiding and dividing the survivors' community."

The fighter, who published earlier this year a book on the baby and infant system in Ireland, the adoption machine, said that since child minister Katherine Zappone took office in 2016, there has been "real progress in relation to with the primary demands of the communities of adoption and survivors. "

He described these as the full inclusion of all survivors of forced adoption and illegal adoption in the current Mother and Baby Committee.

Mr Redmond also struck delays in implementing adoption [Information and Tracing] Bill.

A spokesperson for the Children and Youth Department reported Mr Redmond's resignation as a "disappointing development."

The spokesman said that Mrs Zappone wanted to thank him for his "contribution to the process".

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