Monday , March 20 2023

Students returning to Dublin's western schools closed their concerns over structural safety


Scaffolding erected at the Tyrrelstown School Educate Together. Photo: Mark Condren
Scaffolding erected at the Tyrrelstown School Educate Together. Photo: Mark Condren

Students will return tomorrow to two primary schools in West Dublin closed due to structural safety concerns.

In the case of Tyrrelstown Educate Together, all students will return to the classroom, but some will be moved to the nearby Hansfield Educate Together, which offers alternative accommodations.

First to sixth grade students will temporarily move to Hansfield while students and children who need the special needs of the ASD will return to the Tyrrelstown building.

The nearby St. Luca National School confirmed that the third to sixth grade will return tomorrow and will be hosted at the nearby Le Chéile secondary school.

But St. Lucas still awaits the outcome of an additional security check in his own building to decide when a limited number of classes can return there – from infant to second class.

Both schools need preventive internal and external measures, which, even when opened, will restrict them from using only their ground floor, pending further investigations.

While precautionary measures were put in place during the weekend, school management and parents were worried and further work has since been carried out.

Today, parents from both schools met with representatives of the Department of Education, Mechanics Punch, who installed the protective measures, Gardai and an independent health and safety adviser to see the projects and ask questions.

In a statement posted on St Luke's website, Vivienne Bourke said that "parents have expressed some concerns and raised many questions about the safety of the school building from prospects such as structural safety, fire safety and the additional needs of children with special educational needs, etc. "

He said that the school host and the board were satisfied that the ground floor was structurally right, but taking into account the safety concerns raised by the parents, a second check was carried out.

Ms Bourke said the patron and the board would not be able to open the school on the ground floor or in the room until the security check was completed and the recommended work was done in full.

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