Thursday , June 8 2023

The Fine Gael eye opts in front of the ard fheis


Fine Gael promotes general elections, targeting middle-income and retired people on the moon this weekend.

The creation of a digital committee with defined responsibilities, the introduction of a third tax area and the provision of more support measures for parents are among the proposals to be discussed.

Many of the proposals submitted underline the party's achievements in the government, including the work that has been done to ensure that there are no hard borders after Brexit and his participation in the referendum on the repeal of the eighth amendment.

While talks with Fianna Fáil on expanding the Trust and Supply Agreement by 2020 continue, it is clear that Tago's party Leo Varadkar is ready for the outlook for the electorate.

Representatives at the annual meeting on Friday and Saturday will vote on a proposal to hold a series of referendums, including one to lift the divorce from the Constitution so that the law can be determined by the Oireachtas.

Culture Minister Josepha Madigan has previously suggested that this referendum could be held at the same time as European and local elections next year.

Some proposals will focus on the tax system, especially for middle income, with one calling Fine Gael to the government to introduce a middle income tax zone, while another proposes that the party outline a roadmap to reduce the tax burden.

Representatives will also focus on working families with a proposal that will provide parents with more flexibility, choice and practical support in balancing work and homeworking needs, including a full and comprehensive review of tax and activation policies labor market.

The Irish language and Gaeltacht issues will not be tackled this weekend. Only one of the proposals to be submitted is written in Irish – refers to allowing all those living in Ireland, including the islands, to vote on the same day in the elections.

Residents of 12 islands vote today before the main election day in the elections.

Fine Gael will also look at ways to make it easier for the elderly to work after retirement age if they want it, while another proposal states that ard fheis is "extremely worrying that the vast majority of workers do not care for their pensions."

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