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The rules on court evidence are being reviewed amid litigation of lingerie


Protest in Belfast City Hall amid concerns over how rape trials in Ireland (Rebecca Black / PA)
Protest in Belfast City Hall amid concerns over how rape trials in Ireland (Rebecca Black / PA)

The prime minister of Ireland has said that he has commissioned a "prominent person" to examine the rules on evidence in court.

There was anger in the entire Irish state last week after a recent Co Cork case that saw a defense lawyer refer to the 17-year-old complainant's underwear during a trial in which a man was acquitted for rape.

Ruth Coppinger holds the lingerie in the Irish Parliament to protest the alleged rape victims (Oireachtas / PA)

The case brought wider public attention on Tuesday when Irish TD Ruth Coppinger held a stick to the parliamentary officer to highlight the wrath some citizens felt.

She also created a popular social media campaign with women from Ireland and abroad, who publish photos of their underwear with the mustache # This is inconsistent.

There have been protests in the cities and cities of Ireland last week during which the belts and signs were held high with the words "this is not a consent."

Leo Varadkar told The Week In Poli RTE 1 that he has asked a "prominent man" to examine the rules on evidence in court cases.

"Whether you are a man or woman, if you are a victim of rape or sexual abuse, you can never blame it. No matter what you wear, where you go, who you are going to or whether you have taken alcohol or drugs. No one wants to rush, "he said.

Champion Leo Varadkar (Tom Honan / PA)

"We asked a very prominent person to look, particularly around the rules of evidence, on the kind of evidence that can or can not be admitted to court.

"This is an area that requires absolute consideration, we are committed to doing so and we will do that. If we need to make changes, we will do so.

"But at the same time, what we can never move away from is this basic democratic idea that one is innocent until he is guilty and anyone who is accused is entitled to submit his defense.

"But there may be ways in which we can change court rules and procedures according to the rule of evidence so that people can not produce some of these defenses that I think we all find quite abhorrent."

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