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Woman with cancer who has been prosecuted for hospital treatment resolves the High Court ruling


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A woman with breast cancer who has been prosecuted for her care in two hospitals has settled her appeal to the High Court.

Joan Oulo Sullivan (50), who has a mutation gene that means he is at greater risk of cancer, said he suffered a suspected delay in the diagnosis and treatment of his cancer and that therefore his life expectancy may have declined.

He called the St. James Hospital, Dublin, claiming he suffered a purported intestinal perforation during an intervention in 2013, which was part of a preventive plan for cancer.

As a result, she claimed, plans for a preventative full mastectomy were derailed.

She has also sued HSE for her care at Cork University Hospital (CUH) claiming that an eight-millimeter volume in her right chest was not diagnosed when she was scanned in 2016 and when the tumor was diagnosed 522 days later she was three inches Size .

The case was resolved on the second day of the hearing. The details of the settlement are confidential.

Mr Justice, Michael Hanna, said she was happy to hear the settlement and that she wanted Mrs. Sullivan to be the best.

The court had heard that from the diagnosis of breast cancer in October last year had twenty weeks of chemotherapy since then and had a correct mesometric mastectomy.

Mrs. Oul Sullivan, McDonagh Court, Old Road, Cashel, Co Tipperary, in her claim against St James in relation to the 2013 procedure, claimed that there was a supposed failure to exercise reasonable care and skill, and that her gut is reported to be perforated.

He also filed a lawsuit at HSE arguing that there was a supposed failure to identify or to take care of enough or not at all for a major CTM scanning abnormality conducted in the CUH in April 2016 and there was an alleged delay in the diagnosis of triple-negative breast cancer in his right chest.

St James and HSE refused the claims.

The court, however, said that HSE this week, in a letter, admitted that it admitted a breach of duty in relation to some of the services provided to the CUH.

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