Saturday , June 25 2022

Women's IBS improves dramatically after banning four foods from eating


The exemption from these four foods made a huge difference to her IBS.

If you have ever suffered from IBS, you will know that it can dramatically affect your daily life and managing the symptoms can be difficult.

A woman shared how she changed her diet, forbidden four foods in particular, and this resulted in a significant improvement.

Emily Catterall has shared her story and said that before making this change, she suffered almost bloating and discomfort in her stomach.

After visiting her doctor, local Lancashire said she went to medication, but that did not agree with her.

Having put this issue for months, the 24-year-old decided to make a food tolerance test and this was returned with a list of foods that did not agree with her.

Talk about The sun, explained:

"My results returned within 10 days and showed I was intolerant of egg white, egg yolk, cow's milk, goat's milk, and had a marginal intolerance to dough and beef."

Emily eliminated these foods from her diet, said she felt amazing from "day two" and over twelve weeks, things were massively improved.

He is now able to eat without problems and has managed to repeat the exercise routine.

Emily even managed to introduce the foods they activate in her diet with the guidance of nutritionists and says she rarely addresses any issues.

Some changes, including the change of dairy products for soybeans, worked very well and now they are able to eat whatever they want within the logic.

It also has tips for anyone going through the same problems and it makes a lot of sense.

"I tell everyone if you are uncomfortable after eating, you have to find out what it is, because there is nothing worse. It is much better to know what causes problems, it destroys everyday my life."

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