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Workers say how their lives were transformed after moving from Dublin to West Ireland


Big cities can keep their rising rents, as the West is better for us – according to these workers.

A recent survey showed that 91% of people who had recently moved to Galway or Mayo were happy with their choice.

Westport to Co Mayo


Westport to Co Mayo

And the recent Collins-McNicholas report found that almost 80 percent would recommend it to others.

While some people connect Dublin as the only place to attract businesses, Galway is quickly becoming the country's capital of medicine, preserving the magic of the city.

Here NIKOLA VARDON speaks to three people who left the M50 behind and hit the M17.

Samantha Commons mfrom Dublin to Westport

For Samantha, Deputy Director of Human Resources for Multinational Pharmaceutics, Allergan, when the abandonment came, the mobility and quality of life were not exceeded.

He said, "I came back to West Ireland when I joined Allergan in April after three and a half years in Dublin. It was a quality of life decision." Most of my friends and family are in this part of Ireland.

Samantha Commons is pleased with her move

Samantha Commons is pleased with her move

"I spent a lot of weekends on the road here. Although I enjoyed Dublin, my heart was here in the west of Ireland.

"When I started thinking about where I wanted to be last year, I thought I would probably end up in Galway because that's where many of the biggest companies are going to have Human Resources requirements.

"I could not believe my luck when something came up with Allergan at Westport as I've always heard it was a great place to work. I grew up at Enniscrone, Co Sligo, but my family really lives at Castlebar now so they're only on the road ".

And it does not lose the vibe of the city as it gets everything that takes only a few minutes from her home.

Samantha moved from Dublin to Westport after suffering


Samantha moved from Dublin to Westport after suffering

Samantha added, "Westport is great, it's not the typical Irish town, but it's happening every day of the week.

"There is a great energy and pride in the city, including the connection with Allergan, which has been in Westport for 40 years and is the largest employer in the region.

"I was definitely one of the happiest people in Dublin because I did not have a big move. Here I have a zero movement – live opposite Allergan.

"It's great for me to be able to be close to my family and friends and to work well. That's really the dream, is not it?"

Pawel Hajan mfrom Poland to Galway

PAWEL, a member of the Allergan team, moved with his wife to Galway from Poland and still feared they would live.

He said: "The scenery here is amazing, especially early in the morning when the first thing I see is the bay and the ocean.

Pawel Hajan is a great fan of the stage

Pawel Hajan is a great fan of the stage

"This is the first time I have lived so close to the sea, I like it very much here, there is so much to visit and explore.

"My hours really match work / life balance. Before I work shifts, but now I have weekends away that gives us more time to visit places in the area.

"There is so much to see and do, whether it's a walk on Salthill Beach, a Silver Strand circle, jogging at Wood Merlin, shopping on Eyre Square, or a quiet meal at Oranmore.

"We are trying to visit other parts of Ireland, climbing Croagh Patrick in Co Mayo and going to see two Cliffs of Moher, Ireland is a thrilling country and I like to explore it."

The view of the Galway docks in the morning


The view of the Galway docks in the morning

And not only the position is a winner, but also the people in the West.

Pawel added: "We've met some very nice people since we're in. I can share cars with the people I work with or I can easily get around because the job is only 10km away from our home in Doughiska.

"There are so many career prospects here, as well as training opportunities, so that students can also invite.

"You can have a proper education and find a good and promising job in a single city."

Ruairi Conroy mfrom Dublin to Mayo

After 14 years of living in "Big Tobacco", the father of the three Ruairi said that after he moved the family to the West, he was finally able to spend time with his children instead of spending most of his evenings moving to car.

Ruairi, Managing Director at SiteMinder in Galway, said: "I have been with them for two years and the transition to work is much smaller.

Ruairi Conroy has not gotten too close to the traffic

Ruairi Conroy has not gotten too close to the traffic

"The album lasts for an hour on the car in both ways, but traffic is not nearly as a congestion.

"In Dublin, I would not go home after 20:00, but now I can come home earlier and have more time with my family before the kids go to bed."

The move helped his family life and gave him the chances he never had in Dublin. He added, "After relocating to the West, I have more time to slow down on weekends. There is a far more open-air feeling to live here.

"We can take our three kids to the beach at the weekend or sometimes go fishing with my free time.

"My wife and I are originally from Tourmakeady, a Gaeltacht region in Co Mayo, but we lived and worked in Dublin for 14 years before we settle in 2016 to be closer to our families.

"We are much closer to our parents and our husband's parents now, so we can see them more often and our extended family lives only two minutes on the road.

"We are currently renting Partry, which is just outside Ballinrobe in Co Mayo, but we are planning to build a house next to my parents' home in Tourmakeady."

And it will urge anyone who thinks to follow in his footsteps to do the same.

Ruairi said, "I think the prospects here in West Ireland are among the best in the world.

"The West has a special culture that still retains the sense of community that makes it extremely unique, and that is incredibly appealing to families and people as young as the elderly."

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