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An ancient image of Christ was found in Israel


В Ізраїлі знайшли найдавніше зображення Христа

Jesus was not so well-known.

A group of Israeli archaeologists from Haifa University (Haifa University), led by Emma, ​​Maayan Fanar probably discovered the oldest picture of Jesus Christ according to with reference to Know.ia.

The ancient portrait differs significantly from modern, more Westernized images.

В Ізраїлі знайшли найдавніше зображення Христа

The ruins of the Church that are in the desolation of Israel Negev (a Byzantine church in the desert of Negev), the face of Christ lies almost under half a dilapidated dome.

The baptistery, where the famous figure was discovered, was built in the year 350. Obviously, the picture was once part of the big picture. Perhaps the artist has depicted the scene of the baptism of Jesus.

В Ізраїлі знайшли найдавніше зображення Христа

An impressive wall painting located on the wall of a ruined Church in the ancient city of Siblea.

The scientists saw the miraculously preserved frescoes – a fresco of Jesus Christ. But it is not what we used to see in modern images – a long-haired and bearded.

В Ізраїлі знайшли найдавніше зображення Христа

In the ancient "icons", whose age is estimated at 1500 years, it depicts a young man with curly hair and without a beard. Big eyes, long face, long nose – not so much as you see Jesus more modern artists.

The Savior has long been taken to represent differently.

Archaeologists claim that the fresco is a scene. It seems that the baptism of Jesus. Obviously close is John the Baptist and another figure, his head surrounded by halo.


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