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Mayhem at the Israeli Film Festival in LA after winner of the prize criticizes Trap for the scene – US News


A Jewish-American film producer was murdered and ordered to leave the scene after criticism of President Donald Trumpa, and received a lifetime award at the Israeli Film Festival in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Variety reported that Jason Bloom was annoyed during his acceptance speech and that an Israeli man climbed the scene and tried to remove him from the security officers.

The Hollywood reporter reported that Blum is beginning his speech by saying: "Tonight we have a lot to celebrate with the launch of the 32nd Israel Israeli Film Festival. But at the same time today, the Americans went to the polls to exercise our right to vote. I have quietly examined my phone and we do pretty well. "Some members of the audience replied," It depends on who. "

Blum is then referred to as saying to the audience at Saban Theater in Beverly Hills: "There is a lot of the line in. The last two years have been difficult for all of us who love freedom as citizens of this country. you may like Trump, but I do not have to say it and what I feel about it – and I do not like it. "

As some members of the audience started to leave the room and shout angrily at the scene, Blum continued: "As you can see from this room, it is the end of the political discourse. We have a president who calls the press the enemy of the people. Thanks to our president, anti-Semitism is growing. "

Blum later tweeted a picture of himself behind the scenes with the messages with the message, "Well, this night went somewhat haywire."

The 49-year-old Emmy Award-winning producer, is the founder of Blumhouse Productions, a cinematographic company specializing in the production of low-budget horror films as well as commercial films. Some of his recent successes include Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis, Spike Lee's "BlacKkKlansman", "Happy Death Day" and "Get Out." He was also an executive producer on the HBO Sharp Objects TV show.

A man identified as an Israeli pawnshop Yossi Dina confronted Blum and allegedly tried to remove him from the scene. Israeli director Avi Nesher was the other honored at the festival and was one of the people who rushed to help Blum when the events started bad.

Nesher also addressed the political atmosphere in America in his acceptance speech, but received a warmer welcome from Blum.

"And I am an American citizen and I am also worried about the state of affairs in this country," he said. "My parents are immigrants twice – once in Israel and once in the country. I am horrified by the mistreatment that has become the class of the day for the US administration and the Israeli. entertain and think. "

After the event, Israeli actor Noa Tishby criticized the public's response. He told the Hollywood reporter: "I'm sad about the public's response to Jason Blum's critical criticism on stage. We ought to respect. I would like to apologize to Jason on behalf of the Israeli community. There were many more people in the audience who supported what he said. "

The founder of the Israeli Film Festival, Meir Fenigstein, told the Hollywood reporter that this was the first time such an incident had ever happened at the festival. "I am in complete judgment, but I understand that this is a very tense day in America with the elections," said Fenigstein, adding: "This is not the place for politics and I remain an apolitic."

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