Thursday , June 8 2023

Removing the program from the 24th KIFF website for eliminating distractions: Prosenjit


From Atanu Roy

The Calcutta International Film Festival (KIFF), in Kolkata on November 14 (UNI), met yesterday some negative concern between neutrons due to a sudden abolition of the festival's full movie program from the official website.

After that, many negative comments have been observed on social media and other web platforms.

In this respect, in an exclusive conversation with UNI, chairman of the 24th KIFF, Prosenjit Chatterjee cleared up all illusions.

Mr Chatterjee said: "There are no technical issues or some inconsistencies, and we did this because we do not want the city's football players to feel bad, and we know that the people of Kolkata are eagerly waiting for this festival. some of the homes that have been sent for viewing in different sections do not work properly in some of the theaters. As we noticed today some problems with Navina and Mitra, that is why we are adjusting the needs and putting it on the web page, so movie friends will receive the appropriate information one day before they are viewed. "

The program did not experience any changes in important places like Nandan and Rabindra Sadan.

Giving a clearer view, Mr Chatterjee added: "Even we have encountered some problems in Nazrul tirtha. Some of the houses that sent movies for various categories have been moderated in writing, as there are no subtitles in these films. If a movie has been sent to the contest. sans subtitles, what can we do? "

But, that's not just that KIFF is facing this and not that it's the first time in the world. Even the festival, like Cannes, does so with the same need.

"So, our team controls all the movies to be screened and after they have green signals from each technical side, they update the program on the website." completed Prosenjit.


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