Friday , March 31 2023

ROD LIDDLE: "My Trip to the Darkest Depth of British Anti-Semitism"


doall this is a "personal journey" if you want. This is what the dromo producers of television documentaries wanted to call it. Rod has been on a personal voyage and is now awakening, praising the Lord. Oh, I woke up well. I have woken up to the new anti-Semitism – something that is not when you hit it and you throw it a little – terribly different from the old anti-Semitism.

I remember 15 years behind a report that showed a sharp increase in anti-Semitic attacks and graffiti in London. The strange thing was, I thought then, the producers of the show (somewhat connected to the London Council) played it down. Usually anti-racism organizations call out blue murder in any increase in racism.

Not this time.

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A man who participated in the exhibition insisted that the anti-Semitic thing was not really important. This was a man named Lee Jasper. I knew him that he was part of the true psychologist Work very left. But yet, why would he play under the shocking finds of his own organization? Most importantly, why do others on the left side play now?

Yes, I was late to realize – you guys were at this very long before me.

Quite a number of protesters are holding signs against Labor anti-Semitism

This new rise in anti-Semitism, which I had thought was very dead, was not shaven white babies from the far right. They were Muslims, a big part of it. The giveaway was the graffiti in the show did not show: "Allah U Akbar!" The National Front seldom draws this on the walls.

Suddenly I realized that the British distant left did not want people to know about anti-Semitism because it showed the finger to the people they really liked. Since then, everything has fallen into place.

I was fast forward for 13 years and I stepped out of the Labor Party, of which I was 40 years old, because I tried to explain the strange love of the party for anti-Semitism.

Consequently, I considered the growing number of Muslim activists and counselors in the Labor Party (four just postponed for filing anti-Semitic statements) and the crunching supposedly liberal long left whose unconditional support of "Palestine" (excluding any other supposedly persecuted minority in the world ) was an even more powerful symbol of their status than shopping in Waitrose and quinoa consumption. These groups destroy Israel as they discourage capitalism that has given them their comfortable existence.

Suddenly I realized that the British distant left did not want people to know about anti-Semitism because it showed the finger to the people they really liked.

At first I tended to think that this was a different kind of anti-Semitism than that of Hitler and the Nazis. These leftist liberals had somehow revealed anti-Semitism, I thought, as they mingled with the elusive, they cracked their hiding place on demos and their endless bloody encounters. It is horrible, obviously, but not as distorted and genocidal as the Nazis, surely, I thought.

But my trip was not over yet.

Again and again the same trophies appeared, the same things that Streicher and Goebbels would commend – and they spoke. You can not tell the truth about Palestine because the Jews control the media. They run the government.

And the Jews, do not forget, were the architects of capitalism. And this has resulted in many other things: the old bloodbath business (Jenny Tonge's beloved repellent), Facebook's posts from the left of Labor asking: What did the Jews ever do for the world? or requiring Israel to be demolished and perhaps settled in the United States. Ken Livingstone suggesting that Hitler was Zionist, the only point of such ridiculous expression was to equate Zionism with Nazism.

Nice, Gifted, Jeremy Corbyn, with his peace marks, happily carving a wreath in the trench of Palestinian terrorists who murdered innocent Jewish athletes, and much more. Fanaticism came out every day, hour.

It is the same anti-Semitism, exactly the same: the obsession with Israel because of all others, the paranoid conspiracy theories, the disorder. It took me a few years to realize it and I guess you knew it a lot. So please: forgive me. It was just something that seemed hard to believe – in my household, a socialist party.

But do not forgive them. Here is the test – if you can not see the obvious racism in the BDS movement and if you are obsessed with the tradition of the unique democracy in the Middle East, excluding everything else, you are anti-Semitism.

This is a good analogy of the Labor Party, including the leader, and almost all of Momentum: no brown shirts, no band that does not walk, but same old dirt, dressed in the clothes of a professor of polytechnical geography.

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