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Due to Internet piracy, we needed to close access to proxies. If you need to use your company's proxy, please contact us. We will review the IP address and, if necessary, allow access again.

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By signing up for our service you can receive news by mail directly to your desktop as soon as Aviation Herald announces and gets permission to publish news / articles on your site or to print them in your newspaper (but not to republish them / redistribute them to other sites), provided that you print the appropriate reference (avherald) or provide a correct link to our article on your electronic publication.
Aviation Herald offers quite sophisticated criteria that allow you to choose exactly these news that you really care about. But of course, you can also have all the news posted directly to your desktop, too.

Subscription first requires you to sign up for an account and then sign up for your account. The subscription is only 240 € including VAT 20% per annum, subscribers outside the European Union except for VAT and pay only 200 €.

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Gradually return to the usual service
April 26, 2015
The emergency situation, which arose in October 2014 due to issues that arise in my main work but out of my control but requires my full attention, has now almost allowed itself to gradually allow it to return to normal AVH service levels in the coming days .



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