Monday , May 29 2023

1.5 pounds of metal in the stomach


One woman reached up to a pound of metal objects and was urgently transferred to the hospital because of the severe stomach aches she felt suddenly.

Sangita, this is the name of the woman, had attracted attention while wandering into a confusion through the streets of Ahmedabad of India. Once the rescue arrived, as she said mirrorShangqi began experiencing severe stomach pains.

Once he went to the hospital, he became one radiography in the belly that revealed the cause of the pain.

Pins, screws, screws, studs. Even one bracelet. Sangita has understood metal objects of varying sizes over a long period of time, in the opinion of those who visited it, so that they can unite the objects together and force them to harden their belly.

The doctors immediately handled it because his condition was getting worse. The screws and nails, and other cutting materials taken by the woman, had destroyed them lungs and pierced the walls of the stomach.

"The stomach of the patient has become as hard as a rock," said Nitin Parmar, a specialist surgeon at the Ahmedabad City Hospital, who worked with Sangita – when we did the X-ray, a solid blow appeared in the woman's body. "

Among the items that have been removed, also one manglasutra, a traditional Hindu necklace that wore married women.

The causes of the particular Sangita diet are still unknown, but doctors have assumed that the patient is suffering acupuncture, a disturbance of the force that forces swallowing metallic and sharp objects without worrying about the consequences.

After doing so, doctors kept her under observation to make sure she did not continue to swallow foreign objects, at least during the postoperative period.

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