Tuesday , May 30 2023

Actor Paz de la Huerta condemned Harvey Weinstein for rape


The American actor Paz de la Huerta has denounced former filmmaker Harvey Weinstein that she raped her twice in December 2010 in New York. considering his requests to leave alone, Weinstein would then try to ruin his career, causing $ 60 million in damages. The complaint was brought to court in Los Angeles. The New York police said they had investigated the case a year ago without taking the Weinstein indictment.

In particular, De la Huerta, 34, said the first rape would take place in her apartment where she was with Weinstein after the premiere of the movie Blue Valentine: he would have threatened to hurt his career if he had not agreed to have sex together, he refused and raped her. He called her for the next two weeks until he agreed to meet him again in his apartment to tell him to stop. to calm he was drinking too much and he ended up raping him again. In January 2011 they were both in Los Angeles. went to the hotel room to face him but offered to have sex again.

A year later De la Huerta was fired from the TV series Boardwalk Empire HBO: Today Weinstein accuses that he has influenced the decision by taking as proof a photograph published on New York Times in which a few weeks before Weinstein spoke with director and producer Martin Scorsese. Weinstein's lawyer dismissed the accusations. that of Scorsese, which is not directly accused, did not respond. Weinstein was accused of harassment by 75 women, including six for rape. in July 2018 he was accused of harassment and sexual assault by a large jury in New York.

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