Saturday , April 1 2023

Andrea Damante breaks the silence about De Lellis and the singer: "They're young, they do well"


The new love story between Yulia de Lale [VIDEO] and the singer Irama out outside a few days ago, makes all the news talking pink and more. However, in the last few hours came the comment of a young Roman girl's ex-boyfriend Andrea Damante. The latter were actually together for several years after the former tronista Damante had decided to leave the studio Men and women with beautiful Giulia. Even his newspapers Gossip before the break between Andrea and Giulia they wrote that the couple had already thought of the wedding word, but we did not see that De Lellis after her participation in reality Big Brother Vip has gone "changed".

So after the continuous shots and spring between the former U & D tronista and the influential, nowadays Giulia De Lellis is back in love with his young singer Amici 17, Irama. Just in this story, Andrea Damante broke the silence through an interview given on the site " & # 39 ;. In the next article we discover the words of dj about the new relationship of the former fiancee Giulia.

Andrea Damante comments on the new love story of Giulia De Lellis with singer Irama

The former tronist of men and women, Andrea Damante, was received from the site & # 39; & # 39; in which he asked for the thought of his former girlfriend's new relationship Giulia De Lellis with Irama [VIDEO]. & # 39; They are young, they are smart, they are in the piece. They do well. Why not; & # 39 ;; this is Andrea Damante's response to Giulia's new relationship, which then adds a lance to Irama: "Among other things, it seems to me a very good boyso it's okay.

Life goes on for all right. I'm alone for now, better in this way«».

So, according to the words used by DJ Andrea Damante, the former tronista does not seem to be too close to this new engagement by the young Roman influence, as he even expressed good words about the singer Irama. How will this new relationship of Giulia De Lellis with his winner Friends of Mary By Filippi 17; Now is the approval of former friend Damante, now we just have to wait for new news from the two directly affected, always hoping that Irama's ex-girlfriends will not come out with new shocking statements for the young singer.

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