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"But I did not give her medicine and I was not there that night"


He remains in prison, but he did not give the drug to Desiree. The investigator is Maria Paola Tomaselli, who confirmed the precautionary measure for Marco Mancini, the 36-year-old promoter arrested in the Cisterna di Latina's death murder trial, but ruined the aggravating circumstance of the drug concession. ad minor.

For the judge, essentially, Mancini sold certain substances, including some bottles of psychotropic drugs, to the four arrested third country nationals who, in turn, would have the lethal mixture of Desiree. A decision in which Interior Minister Matteo Salvini intervened in the evening: "The complaints that fall, the illuminated positions, the suspects who propose fantastic reconstructions … Desirée deserves justice, the criminals who killed her have to pay everything without the we forget '.

The decision of the investigative judge reached the end of the ratification question. In a room in Regina Coeli jail, where Mancini was detained last Saturday, for about two hours, he forgiven charges that he was not that night in the busy Via dei Lucani building in San Lorenzo. "At those times when I was not there, I did not give the medicine to this girl," said the 36-year-old.

Mancini's name was made to the researchers by a series of witnesses. "Mark was the one who brought the drug and in return took the drug," he told the researchers a few "frequencies" of the building, stating that the man had left near the container where death Derese was found, a few days before the death of Tranquillit and Quentiax: the antipsychotics used for the drug mix that is then provided to the minor.

Also today, in Foggia Prison, Yusif Salia, 32-year-old Ganaus, who was arrested on October 26 in an abusive caste in the ghetto of Borgo Mezzanone, was heard in the Capitoline pm court. Salia reported she had with Desiree, who knew she was 20 years old, a consensual sexual relationship on the evening of October 18, the day before the crime. In addition, according to his lawyers, the man would tear tears when he heard about the girl's death.

Shalia said she met Desiris through a Congolese girl who went to the abandoned building and called Desire to leave, to follow him because he had to leave for Frosinone where he would meet a friend but would have refused it. Finally, in the coming days, the judgment of the Rome Court will be issued on the request for release by the defendants of another of the arrestees: Mahamos Gara, a 26-year-old Senegal.

The man is accused of voluntary homicide, group sexual violence, and drug abuse. Just yesterday, freedom judges have fallen for Chima Alinno and Brian Minthe, the murder class reforming sexual violence into abuse that is aggravated by the younger age of the victim.

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