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Caserta, carabiner dying overwhelmed by the train while chasing the thief


He died while doing his job, 34-year-old Karabinier Deputy Sergeant Emanuele Reali was killed and killed by a train a few hundred meters from Caserta Station: he was hunting two thieves when he was shocked by the escort of the fight. A tragedy took place late in the afternoon under the eyes of some army colleagues, at the height of Ferracecce via the central city center, near the frequent crossing point.

The soldier, serving at Caserta's operational and broadcasting unit, was in civilian clothes. along with some colleagues hunted two thieves who wanted to be stolen in the apartment. In the upset phases of hunting, as the other carabiniers saw, the 34-year-old climbed onto a wall that he gave to the slopes as a Naples-Caserta regional train had reached via Cancello. but while the thief managed to avoid the train, the army was overwhelmed. It was useless to interfere with the comrades, who interrupted his collaborator criminals, and that of the ambulance that has come. Reali died in the despair of his colleagues.

Polfer's agents intervened in situ. from the first investigations did not arise the responsibility of the driver of the train, it would be an accident. The 34-year-old, originally from Bellona (Caserta), leaves his wife and two young girls at an early age. "A prayer and a hug in the family and friends of Emanuele and all the police" the message of condolences by Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. Neighborhood with the family was also expressed by Defense Secretary Elisabetta Trenta by police chief Franco Gabrielli and by the Chief of Defense General Staff, General Enzo Vecciarelli. For Arma general commander, Giovanni Nistri, "The sacrifice of Emanuele Reali will always remain alive in the memory of all the carabiners."

The one in Caserta is the third mourning that the Cambodian carabiniers who died in service due to accidents hit within a few months. On July 20, on the Naples central axis, a car was shocked by two carabiniers intervening on the relief after a traffic accident. Nailed Vincenzo Ottaviano died at the spot and Deputy Brigadier Attilio Picoco after a few days of hospitalization. Both were in service at Compagnia di Nola.

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