Friday , February 3 2023

“Conor McGregor hit me”


“I was attacked by Mr. Conor McGregor, a very famous man who punched me in the mouth. He broke my nose, took blood, broke his lower and upper lips.” Francesco Facchinetti openly condemns Conor McGregor’s attack. The MMA champion punched Facchinetti during a party at a hotel in the capital a few days ago in Rome.

“McGregor attacked me in front of 10 witnesses, in front of his friends and bodyguards. We talked for over 2 hours and even attacked me for no reason because we were having fun together. I was silent, I went well: Think about the future, “Facchinetti said in a series of videos posted on Instagram. “He’s a violent and dangerous man. I punched him in vain. The blow could have gone to my wife, other girls, my friends there. It could have been very bad. I decided to sue McGregor. He’s a violent and dangerous man: be very careful.” he adds.

“What saddens me the most,” Facchinetti writes in the stories, “is that Conor has been a fan since the first hour, but real fighters don’t. They know they have guns instead. And of course they don’t start punching the first random person in front of them. because he would continue to beat me for no reason … “.

“We greeted him as a hero, and instead he was a villain of the worst kind … what a disappointment … I feel sorry for him, he has everything, but nothing … That’s why it’s dangerous to stop.” Now I understand that he had 20 bodyguards. Not to protect him from others, but to protect him from others … A 20-centimeter blow to the face for no reason, no explanation … This man is a gun, stopped as soon as possible, because next time it’s bad it can end, “he said.

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