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Dacia Duster LPG, the proof of Il – ​​The beauty of gas suv – PHOTO


If almost everywhere, in Italy, like in Europe, it is war diesel and values ​​(initial and maintenance) electric and hybrid are still prohibitive for many drivers, here is the valid and reasonable reappearance alternative solution The GPL. The data Unrae please confirm the estimate for this type of diet: 96,453 units from January to September 2018, against 64,443 hybrids. With the introduction of a new LPG engine (a result of the alliance with Renault) in the new Duster and approved Euro 6d-Temp, Dacia is determined to conquer more and more markets, both European and Italian.

And it's no accident that it 1.6 HP 115 HP made his debut in this C-SUV, the dominant model of the Romanian home. one combination, that Duster-GPL is well explained with Results the sales reported by Dacia itself: In 2017 the gas Duster accounted for 39% of total brand sales in Italy.

It had begun in its new format in early 2018, with a slight variation in its configuration body – new design of the front and rear light tubes, above all – which further underlined the fact physiognomy from sporting utility, while maintaining it dimensions of the previous version. The addition of the gas system, already installed in the plant, does not affect the fact spaciousness internal and capacity trunk: 478 liters with the rear bench used and 1,623 in total with the seats hitting.

Dacia, and above all the Duster, has at numbers their strong point: if still not clear, we are telling you that assuming a trip from Aosta to Otranto, with the release bi-fuel, the SUV would travel with the unique power a gas – the 33.6-liter tank fills with about 24 euros – well 433 km. Subsequently, intervention of power a petrol – 50 liters of tank -, others could do 830, without stopping to do it forecast along the route.

Of course, if we do it really journey, we will be ahead of us 1,263 kilometers to go with a "gait rather loose, without asking for LPG or gasoline performance too high, so much at the low – where you feel some worry – as for high regimes: this 1.6 in exchange would give us little noise and the gods consumption very content.

In the area machines of Duster, but there are two diesel with a power of 95 and 115 hp and if you want to wait a few more months, starting in 2019 you can have the Duster with gasoline 1.3 TCe, the same already exists in Renault Scénic and was born out of the cooperation of the French group e Daimler, the German owner of the group Mercedes.

The productions of the Buddha are three: Basic, Comfort and Embassy. and price of departure, for the GPL Duster € 13,350, coming to 16050 for the most accurate version. Irrespective of the equipment, the engine bi-fuel with GPL costing 500 euros more than the unit powered by petrol.


model: the second generation of the Dacia branded SUV branded front-wheel drive SUV, also available in the 4 × 4 version (but without a LPG system)

dimensions: length 434 cm, height 168 cm and width 180 cm

machine: petrol with a gas system, 1.6 with 115 cp for gasoline and 109 LPG

Assumptions approved in the mixed cycle: Gasoline 6.0 l / 100 km, gasoline 7.7 l / 100 km

CO2 emissions: 156 g / km of gasoline, 141 g / km of LPG

price: from 13,350 to 16,050 euros

We like: certainly ease of use with LPG

We do not like it: the change is not really ergonomic and the steering wheel, though expensive, is really lightweight

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