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Earthquake 4.2 in the Rimini area, fear of Ravenna in Ancona. Ingv: "Expected Answers"


Earthquake 4.2 in the Rimini area, fear of Ravenna in Ancona. Ingv: "Expected Answers"

Fear but does not harm people or things for a shock earthquake size 4.2 that hit it Rimini. The earthquake – recorded at 13.48 – centered on its area Santarcangelo of Romagna at a depth of 43 km and clearly warned by the population. Many were the telephone calls to the Fire Service and many, from the very first moments, the comments made to the social networks by the Romagna townspeople and the neighboring regions.

Earthquake, intense shock to the Dolomites: fear in Cortina and Belluno

The earthquakein fact, has been noticeably felt in Marche, especially between Pesaro, Urbino and Fano – areas closer to Romagna – but also Senigallia and Ancona, as well as Arezzo, Alto Casentino and Alta Valtiberina: various calls to firefighters but without worry and without warning damage. As in Riminiin, despite the fear created by the roar caused by the shocking progress of the shock. Also alarm in Padova and Arezzo.

In Rimini, Mayor Andrea Gnasi explained: "There were no damage to people or property and were controlled in public buildings and schools. There have been many calls to the Fire Service" by the citizens "but no damage has been reported: procedures put in place these assumptions have begun with the Civil Defense and the Fire Brigade and we are in constant contact with the forces of For. "In the Adriatic city, about fifteen technicians, divided into different groups, went to work to carry out oriseis verification and 54 municipal school structures.

Inspections and inspections also began in nearby Santarcangelo: "the checks – the mayor of Alice Parma wrote on Facebook – have not reported any damage." In a note, the Santarcangiese government explained that they "carried out the checks without identifying any damages and critical issues, tomorrow the schools will be regularly open". As a result of seismic traffic shortly before hour 14, the railway traffic between Rimini and Cesenatico on the Rimini-Ravenna route and between Cesena and Riccione on the Bologna-Ancona route had been suspended as a precautionary measure to allow the status of the infrastructure to be verified. About 5 pm the traffic started and gradually began to return to normal: six Frecce who were suspended, 4 Intercity and 14 regional trains with delays, reported the Trenitalia site, which touched the peaks over 2 hours.

Ingv: there will be copies. "It is an earthquake that came to a considerable depth, some 43 kms, which made Rimini's province today trembling, this is the first shock that in recent days has reached the size of 4. In the last few days there have actually been two other events smaller than 3. There are other copies, so we are following developments. "Ingv Carlo Doglioni's chairman told Ingbrous, recalling that the area hit by the earthquake is a historic seismic area where in May 1916 there were three phenomena size of 5.8, 4.8 and 5.8 in a difficult position three months, generally fixed by the descent of the plate Adriatic below Apennines.

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