Monday , October 3 2022

Elba and Serena are still quite controversial


Giulia Cavaglia photo: It's a controversy after Men and Women

on picture of Giulia Cavaglia the twins also intervened Serena and Elga Enardu, apparently annoyed by what arose in episode a Men and women and from what is said on the Web questionable photo, which both Tina and Yannis commented (especially to emphasize that Julia is showing when she says she does not like cameras and some people), she sees Cavaglia he is not really dressed. A different photo than the usual short one that she has done to discuss at this point Elga and Serena, two girls as beautiful as they were intelligent, felt obliged to intervene.

Men and women: Elga Enardu defends Giulia and then intervenes Serena

About ten hours ago in his profile Elga published a very provocative photo and really nice to respond indirectly to all those who have questioned it image of Giulia. The idea of ​​Elga – which also recognized that she wanted to defend Cavaglia – is that the woman can do whatever she wants from her body in the name of her freedom. "Upset – wrote under him positionfrom crisis and prejudice ". After a few hours, Giulia, which in the meantime was eliminated by men and women, shared the picture Stories Instagram defining Elga "Grown woman" and putting the hearts as a comment for the shot.

News Men and women, Serena against ignorance and freedom

Returning from a stressful day, it was Serena who told her to call people to think of their lives and to be free. The girl therefore defended Elga's choice and also indirectly Julia's. From the beautiful Stories Instagram in short, they will certainly discuss and perhaps end up in the episode. And it's not the first photo that makes you discuss today: have you seen with whom you embraced a few hours before Jeremias? It's not an image like Giulia's, it's clear, but still very interesting for most gossip. The same will have much to say in the interventions of the two unforgettable twins Men and women.

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