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FIFA wants $ 1 billion for a license for EA and wants to take away the exclusivity –


New The New York Times reported indicates that FIFA It requires more money from EA $ 1 billion license (every 4 years) and wants to limit EA’s ability to win with the FIFA brand outside the game.

As shown, negotiations They have now reached a blockade to renew the two-year contract between FIFA and EA. The license, the last iteration of which lasted 10 years, will expire after the Qatar World Cup. According to The New York Times, FIFA wants to double the payment required from the EA, bringing the figure to $ 1 billion every four years.

The trouble but this is not just about paying for a license. EA and FIFA, in fact, do not agree on exclusive rights. EA wants to control not only the game, but also the entire ecosystem associated with FIFA, including game tournaments and digital products such as NFTs. The final decision on renewing the contracts is expected by the end of the year.

As we already know, loss of license FIFA will not be able to use its name, logo and rights at the World Cup. In other words, it wouldn’t hurt EA, especially if the license was worth $ 1 billion every four years.

FIFA wants to expand its capabilities collaborations Increase your profits by ending EA’s guaranteed exclusivity (with Fortnite and Epic Games, for example). Also, for this reason, the company may decide not to renew the license and continue the saga with a new name. Recently, for example, the trademark “EA Sports FC” was registered

FIFA 22 player

FIFA 22 player

Peter MooreBefore leaving the company in 2017, a senior EA executive said, “I don’t remember making a statement saying they were in talks to renew the license. It’s clearly a small sign.”

Moore later added, “Personally, I’d say, ‘Wait a second – we spent hundreds of millions of dollars to set up this franchise, and you tell me Epic Games can come in and get a license on our behalf.’ ‘So, yes, I’m starting negotiate To prevent this from happening. ”

The success of the game is great, as shown by FIFA 22, which is the first, second, third, fourth and fifth in the Italian rankings. According to Piers Harding Rolls, an analyst at Ampere Analysis, the FUT made $ 1.2 billion last year, adding sales (and more) to the game. Will the license be more than 250 million EA per year?

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