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Francesco Monte between the fight with Elia and the kiss with Giulia – Tvzap


On Monday, November 5, the direct eighth season of 2018 was broadcasted on Channel 5 Big Brother VIP: on the menu and return home to Elia Fongaro after the abolition, who called to arrange a few things with the former tronista that – meanwhile – proves he has taken a serious step with Giulia Salemi. Maria Monse was rejected

In his episode Big Brother VIP which was shown with his usual behavior Ilary Blasi and Alfonso Signorini, as is often the case, the twists and turns were not lacking: the first is undoubtedly the new elimination system that has surpassed the classic applications while outside the game Maria Monse (except for Alessandro Cecchi Paone). The moment climax however was the confrontation between Elia Fongaro and Francesco Monte, who had a rustic duel (almost) on the white gun without winners or losers – and will continue to talk – and followed by the revelation that onlyThe beautiful Monte and Giulia Salemi finally kissed. Not only has this happened much more: Giulia Provvedi was terrified to death hidden in a bathtub full of balls, Giulia Salemi's father entering the house, the screams of Stefano Sala and Alessandro Cecchi Paone. All this and even more in the air Monday November 5 on Channel 5 beginning at 21.25: incidentally, during the week it doubles because on Thursday 8 November another direct special of GF VIP.



    Actor, presenter and model. He made his debut as a voice actor. It became a very popular performance by Marchesa Lucrezia Van Necker Beauville in the costume imagination "Elisa di Rivombrosa".


    DOWN IN BIGKAM March 18, 1953

    A singer-songwriter, singer and painter, he is one of the main exhibitors of this artistic wave that in the seventies combines the song with electronic experimentation and theatrical performance. His great success comes with the Italian Graffiati, an album containing a zebra with polka dots and other old hits that he re-examines.



    Director and showgirl, has worked on some television programs. In 2008 she took fourth place in "Miss Italy" and jumps to the news in order not to accept the jury's proposal that she has called her to lose a few pounds.



    Actor and showman has taken part in many television programs and films in Italy and the United States. He was the winner of the first edition of "L 'Isola de famosi". Black Karate Belt, is a former boxer and a former car driver.



    The actor and the director have 45 years of success at the theater and on the big screen, ranging from cinema to comedies. She won two David di Donatello with "Forget Venice" and "Borotalco".



    Showgirl, actress and singer. From the top of 148 cm says in his own way: "I'm the world's smallest subrettina for one piece finished badly." It seeks to become the Italian Kylie Minogue.



    This is a model and his biggest ambition is to become an actor. She has already starred in "The Beauty of Women … a few years later" and has made a horror movie in Los Angeles, "P.O.E. 4-H Black Cat." She is "mammo", working full-time in Sofia, four years old, the child she had with the Dyane Mello model.

  • Giulia Salame

    Born in Piacenza on 1 April 1993

    It's model, showgirl and influence. He has participated in many television programs. In 2016, the Venice Film Festival's red carpet was inflamed by wearing an orange dress with two endless slits that reached the height of the groin.



    He is a 66-pound gold judo medal at the Rio 2016 Olympics. While preparing for those in Tokyo 2020, he "lands" in front of the Red Brother's Red Gate directly from the World Championship in Azerbaijan.



    He is one of the most famous Italian comedians, he himself is called "amatrician" comedian and his career is divided into theater, television programs and films.



    He is a chef from the direction. He has passed his childhood between ladles and pans, the toys preferred to make biscuits. After so many crap, major names in the restaurant, he reaches the "court" of Gualtiero Marchesi, with whom he has been working for three years. Become popular by participating in 2012 as a cook and then sworn in "La Prova del Cuoco".



    Model and former Velino of "Striscia la notizia". His career begins with the catwalks, he is the player to stay in his studies, but his great ambition is to become an actor



    Singers, ducts and showgirls, very different but complementary. They have a unique relationship and are called "independent twin sisters". The winners of the tenth edition of "The Island of the Famous," took part in several television programs.


    GOES TO ROME ON 30 MAY 1972

    Actor, musician, singer, radio speaker and TV tuner. He took his first steps in the world of entertainment by setting up his own band, Angony & Cage. He made his big screen debut in 1992 with Michele Placido and in 1994 became MTV's first Italian MTV. Since 2005, he has dedicated himself to acting, participating in numerous fantastic events – including the "Police Region" – and film about cinema. Then he returned to his first love, music, and today he works as a speaker and a fan.



    Actor, model and influence. Former supporter of "Men and Women" and a former competitor of "Island of the Famous". Known in time for his love story with Cecilia Rodriguez, he finished last year during the girl's participation in "GF Vip". And the same GF Vip is now a new starting point for him.



    TV reception. TV picture of the 90's, Valerio makes his debut on TV with "The Hawks of the Night" and continues with the most popular programs of the season. The cohabitation of cohabitation worries him: "I am a single child, I never shared my room with anyone"



    For a few years he joined's editorial board as the presenter of the weather forecasts for Mediaset networks.



    It is known in television news as "Marquise of Aragon". He graduated in Aethology, is a journalist and a professor of style. From the experience of "Big Brother" he says: "I like to observe the man in becoming as if I were an anthropologist, I am excited about being able to be with such different people, concentrate on the team and figure out … Prepare to dream … Life is Style Style »

Big Brother VIP 2018, skip the classic nominations

Alfonso is charged with a thousand: "Tonight I will break the balls more than usual!"It starts and we are already terrified like Walter Zenga a few years ago while Antonio Ricci is already there with the key REC very hot (not to mention Gialappa). Then the tenth bomb message comes – that this bomb is no longer in the fifth repetition for Francesco Monte: it must finally take the decisive step with Salemi, because in the meantime the hell is freezing pending. After a short round of thanks, the first "game" of the episode arrives: Ilary invites the only three contestants she has ever suggested to ask for a name. They are Fabio Basile, Giulia Salemi and Benedetta Mazza and are asked to choose another competitor, but without explaining them to Blasi because (and barbatrucco lies in the fact that they actually give the candidates immunity without knowing it). The three selected Ela Weber, Maria Monsè and Alessandro Cecchi Paone: obviously, those who chose the VIP to finish will have to change the selected one. The Big Brother but he wants to overdo it and Blasi adds – without the knowledge of competitors – that the three people he chose was never named (ending, among other things, in applications in turn) they will have to make three names again: these new names are those with which Fabio, Giulia Salemi and Benedetta will move on to applications.

Big Brother VIP 2018, eliminated Maria Monse

After all, I am a mess that only to repeat it would take a degree (and we do not dare to imagine what it is used to compile it), the Big Brother invites the two candidates for comparison, the Monsè cascaded and the acidulo Cecchi Paone. Inside an amnesty discussion with both sbraca completely and his ex girlfriend It's not Rai begins immediately again with the unstoppable river of the word (but of which we understand a bit). "Maria, cry a lot. You are a willow crying!"Good Alexandra tells her, wonderfully concentrating the question with a very decent sense of synthesis." The agitation is fairly straightforward, both candidates are invited to the studio to finally find out the verdict, waiting to know who should leave the house , Cecchi Paone and Monsè are made public in front of their respective great "enemies" – Elia Fongaro and Marquise Del Secco – to listen to their terrible lectures. The beautiful Elijah listens to the list of sins of Alexander, a poor man who found peace in Nirvana, replies smiling and without adding words: "I installed with Jane", a seraphic position. After this show, Marchesa seems to be able to degenerate immediately into a physical battle between women, but in then ends up in a vaudeville scene in the amazing way he sees Monsè doing what he does best (exploding in an infinite torrent of words) while Marquess begins to sing Mina, hopping to the public in a totally stupid way, giving back to the opponent and driving people mad at the studio that begins to recognize it by plunging the other candidate with decibels. At the end of the show, the TV order states that leaving the House is only Maria and the spawn that welcomes the verdict suggests that even the public in the study did not understandably understand more about the speeches, the criticisms and – as said Cecchi Paone – screams. And how could you welcome the news from the newcomers? Obviously speaking. Explosion.

Big Brother VIP 2018, the conflict between Francesco Monte and Elia Fongaro

Fortunately, however, this Big Brother manages to silence Monsè's unsustainable speech and gives an emotionally intense interference to the good Walter Nudo, who can enjoy a televised call with his children: apparently the rocky but sensitive actor completely dissolves with tears during the discussion (but the thing was not even listed). He wiped the liquid and engraved cheeks of the Walter Statue, the first surviving Alexander and then returned home the unexpected return horse Elia, called to clarify with Francesco Monte with one of the flash comparisons with which Big Brother he used it.

The tetrantine is "warmed up" by a confrontation with Jane Alexander and then stays in the living room only to wait for the former velino, with whom he begins an authentic oral duel:You think you got rid of me?"He asks Elia the appearance of Clint Eastwood ready to shoot the dollar trilogy. "Well, I do not really think it"He answers with delightful delight from an occasional passerby interviewed by a TG former Pugliese tronista. What follows is not a conversation, but two guys who continue to talk to each other without understanding a pipe: Monte follows to blame for racism on Elia, which, on the other hand, responds by drawing the story of the kiss among the women Francesco said he had found "crap." Among the various reports the two do not spend violate Alfonso Signorini, who asks Monte: "Francesco et al if you say that will bother you if your woman danced on the tables, then indicate the Giulia … think your wife? " but Elia replies: "It does not seem to us!", giving voice to what everyone thinks apart frominfluencer former participant Beijing Express.

Upon leaving, Elia perceives more or less the position of other competitors and then greets unhappy Jane through the closed cave door (and that, do not you want to try the crazy romantic gesture? But the writers do not hear us and the door is closed: no scene breaks the heart, with Ilary's great disappointment).

Big Brother VIP 2018,

And here comes the time to determine who is risking the definition: the three Hail Mary selected at the beginning as never mentioned – Fabio, Benedetta and Giulia Salemi – are invited to reveal the names they chose at the beginning of the episode. The three selected ones finally revealed are: Ela Weber, Jane Alexander and Alessandro Cecchi Paone and it is known that they themselves will be immune (but in turn they will have to choose another three who are going to vote with those who have appointed them). Waiting for us to know who the six will be in the poll (and then the three finalists that will go applications) comes the moment of the episode game, in which Donatella challenges each other with Martina Hamdy and Ivan Cattaneo: the four have to take some shapes and put them in a group with cavities made to welcome them ( a giant version of a classic play for kids very small, in simple words). To make the situation more pepper, the light comes and goes and so the game has dark moments in which no one sees anything and the actors who make up the zombies already terrified by the tenants who cross the Halloween night / All Saints. The challenge, consumed between the cries and the trembling of the crazy / crazy Donatella (which some also grab the shirt so that Giulia is thrown into the bathtub full of balls to hide) However, Ivan and Martina dietincono. The show is unexpected and Ilary is guiding the transition to another episode of the endless novel written by Giulia Salemi and Francesco Monte for their unspeakable (or supposed) love.

Big Brother VIP 2018,

"I do not care to look like one loser and I always present what I think, "says Salemi, who honestly admits that he is interested in the beautiful mountain with a romantic sense. Signorini tries to move the endless tango that the two dancers give literally decorating to the beautiful Giulia and then shooting at zero with Francesco, accusing him of stopping with the girl ("Stop with these scratches and these haydles if you do not like it, up!" says his manager Who). "It's a big misunderstanding, and here we can not see the light that illuminates the situation," is Lory Del Santo's enlightened last phrase that closes the question until the bomb comes out: Giulia Salemi and Francesco Monte kissed. Immediately after the intense revelation, however, it is almost overshadowed because it begins freeze and Mario Salemi, the father of Giulia, enters the house. The emotional intensity of the moment, however, is less direct because the good Signorini, who have forgotten to turn off the microphone, laugh, exclaim: "Ilary, it seems to me!" And in fact Mr Salemi could definitely win a contest of the acuminate Alfonso without even committing himself.

The situation, however, is seriously restored to an amnesty, and Mario is addressing his child directly, making a very moving speech: "Never throw away, find the energy that distinguishes you, I am very proud of you, always! Do not hesitate to make the path that you think is the best You are very strong Today your little sister, Margherita, is nine months old and looks at you from the house. "Tears flow in the rivers, everyone moves and Julia explodes, embracing her father to grab it literally without ς να το εγκαταλείψει. Αλλά είναι καιρός να συνεχίσουμε να παίζουμε και η Ela, Alessandro και Jane πρέπει να κάνουν ένα όνομα καθένα και αυτοί οι νέοι υποψήφιοι θα μοιραστούν με τους τρεις που δεν ανέφεραν ποτέ πριν: από αυτούς τους έξι (και τρία ζευγάρια) θα βγουν οι τρεις υποψήφιοι για εξάλειψη που θα τελειώσουν στην τηλεόραση. Τέλος πάντων, φτάνουν στους Fabio, Giulia Salemi και Benedetta, αντιστοίχως: Ιβάν, Μαρτίνα και Βάλτερ.

Big Brother VIP 2018,

Εν τω μεταξύ, η εκπομπή συνεχίζεται και εναπόκειται στον Stefano Sala να ζήσει τη στιγμή της συναισθηματικής αιχμής του και, στο ηγετικό δωμάτιο, τα σχέδια της κόρης του Σόφια (ονομάζεται Buby) τον περιμένουν και ένα βίντεο αφιερωμένο σε αυτόν από τη μητέρα του. Κλαίει σαν κόψιμο αμπέλου, αλλά η λύση του τριγώνου με την Benedetta Mazza και την επίσημη φίλη, το ουκρανικό μοντέλο Dasha, εξακολουθεί να φαίνεται μακριά και εξαφανίζεται σε μια ανεμοστρόβιλο πατρικής περιθωριοποίησης που το όμορφο δωμάτιο ακτινοβολεί προς την κόρη της με τη μορφή ενός καταρράκτη συναισθημάτων δάκρυα. Έτσι έρχεται η στιγμή που μιλάτε για τη σεξουαλικότητα του Walter Nudo, αποχή τώρα για ένα χρόνο (Ιβάν Καττανέο στη φωτιά, Naked προειδοποίησε και εξοικονομήθηκε) και, στη συνέχεια, προχωράμε για να καλωσορίσουμε τη Μαρία Μόνσε, την απομάκρυνση του βράδυ, αλλά η στιγμή της έχασε αμέσως στα κύματα της καταιγίδας που εξαπολύει για άλλη μια φορά τον μη αναστρέψιμο Marchesa. Στη συναισθηματική ταλάντευση που είναι η GF έρχεται τότε η στιγμή που ο Alessandro Cecchi Paone παίρνει πιο γυμνός και φέρνει έξω την πιο εύθραυστη πλευρά του, αλλά δεν υπάρχει υπερβολικός χρόνος για να το σκεφτούμε γιατί αγγίζει το επίκεντρο απέναντι σε όσους κινδυνεύουν να εξαλειφθούν και στο τραπέζι υπάρχουν τρία ζευγάρια: ο Ivan / Fabio, ο Walter / Benedetta και ο Giulia S./Martina. Όλοι οι ανταγωνιστές που δεν έχουν αγγιχτεί από τα βραβεία της βραδιάς (δηλαδή Andrea, Lory, Stefano, Francesco και Donatella) πρέπει να υποδείξουν ποιο ζευγάρι θα ήθελε να εξαλείψει: οι δύο περισσότεροι που ψηφίστηκαν στην πραγματικότητα πάνε στην τηλεόραση. Κανείς δεν ψηφίζει τη Martina και τον Giulia Salemi που είναι ασφαλείς στην τηλεοπτική μετάδοση πηγαίνουν οι Walter, Benedetta, Ivan και Fabio σε μια ηχηρή εναντίον όλων. Περιμένοντας τις απαντήσεις που θα φτάσουν ήδη την Πέμπτη, η κουρτίνα πέφτει και ο Ilary, αφαιρείται τα τακούνια, πηγαίνει μακριά.

Big Brother Vip 2018, όλα τα επεισόδια

Το πρώτο επεισόδιο: η σύγκρουση των γενεών

Δεύτερο επεισόδιο: Η Lory Del Santo εισέρχεται στο σπίτι

Τρίτο επεισόδιο: εκτός του Valerio Merola, ο Maurizio Battista παραμένει

Τέταρτο επεισόδιο: η επιστροφή του Cristiano Malgioglio και η καθυστέρηση της Silvia Provvedi

Πέμπτο επεισόδιο: Έξω από την Eleonora Giorgi, η Lory Del Santo σώζει κρυφά

Έκτο επεισόδιο: Η Corona μπαίνει στο σπίτι και υποστηρίζει τον Ilary Blasi

Το έβδομο επεισόδιο: εξάλειψε την Elia Fongaro, φασαρία στον Francesco Monte

Big Brother Vip 2018, το σχόλιο

Πρώτο επεισόδιο: ένα, δύο, τρία. Ο Βαπτιστής είναι εκεί

Δεύτερο επεισόδιο: ο μετεωρίτης και ο κρατήρας

Τρίτο επεισόδιο: η υγρή περιοχή

Τέταρτο επεισόδιο: Όλα πάνε καλά, κυρία la Marchesa

Πέμπτο επεισόδιο: er barcarolo πηγαίνει …

Έκτο επεισόδιο: το #metoo του caciottare

Έβδομο επεισόδιο: βαρέλι από σφαίρα

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