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Gio Evan, the author of the phrase used by Isoardi to leave Salvini


Between Elisa Isoardi and Matteo Salvini has officially finished, and announces that it is the same TV station of "La prova del cuoco" with a seat at Instagram.

"It's not what we miss, but what we ought to have given us again, Gio Evan, with huge respect for the true love that existed, thanks to Matteo," writes Isoardi.

The words used by Elisa Isoardi come from Gio Evan – Giovanni Giancaspro, a writer and poet born in 1988 – and a picture portraying her with the Vice President of the Council and the Minister of the Interior at a moment of tenderness.

Gio Evan who he is

Gio Evan, Giovanni Giancaspro, was born on April 21, 1988 in Italy. He is a multifaceted artist: writer and poet, humor, performer, songwriter and artshe is on his way.

Gio Evan phrases

– I stopped reading your eyes since you do not touch me anymore.

– People are storms that have a lot of rain in them, rain they hold and floods. Land people are flooded in and then thunder and there are lightning in the people and huge potholes in them
where you are forbidden to go to it and that does not scare you. You smile at me and tell me that for every evil there is a cure and for every rain there is an umbrella ready to cover us, ready to prevent our hair from the thigh more.

– People have rain in and they pretend to give the sun that pretend it's time to go to the beach
when the thunder speaks clearly and they say it's time to go back and that does not scare you to say that the image of a beautiful girl dancing in the rain is still the image of those who really want to live life.

– People are made of gray clouds, big and heavy, but you have this power to face clouds
and you can sweeten the bad weather of all your, mysterious and little girls with hair always groomed you have this beautiful gift to know how to get out of each of a beautiful day.

– And I knew they were leaving that they wanted to say do not leave, stay.

– I like to hear you say I love you when you do not tell me.

– The secret is this. We have to become both "E". The one with the accent, being one without, joining.

– Choose who stays next to you, even when you're worse than you

The biography of Gio Evan

Over the years from 2007 to 2014, he will take trips to India, across Europe and across South America, with the help of a bicycle. He begins to study and live with local teachers and shamans, from whom he will receive shamanic initiations and activations in the world of vibration and healing. (In Argentina he will be baptized as "Gio Evan" by a Hopi).

Thanks to these experiences he will learn his arts, thus creating a very strong and complex personality. He approaches surrealism (defined by him as "above the real") as nonsense, in sacred play, in word-therapy, and in working on the soul through the powers of art.

In 2008, shis first book, "The old florilegium" in India, is crying. A fairy tale telling about his travels, without money or shoes. It suggests strong intellectual research and visionary poetry keeping a healthy comedy alive.

In 2012 and 2013 fwave "Shoes of the wind", a musical work where he sings and plays guitar.
She independently publishes her first album "Cranioterapia", recorded at home in a fairly dubious quality. Genus is one of those that does not allow classifications. It's a dream song, sometimes accompanied by Blues harmonies.

In 2014 itwo works on the French streets: "Gigantografie" and "The smallest poems in the world".
These are poetry attacks, an unauthorized artistic exhibition. Start using the cities you are going to go through as your own exhibitions to visit. The work begins to provoke curiosity on the part of many. He published his second book and his first novel "La bella modo" with Narcisuss.

In 2015 sclimbs and directs "OH ISSA – except for a sky". The work tells a hypothetical post-announcement and the few survivors, characters that will be fundamental to the writer's salvation. Overwhelmed words and joyful philosophies characterize the unique style of the show.

In the same year he published his third book "The Theory of a Jump" with meticulous metaphysical poems with Narcisuss. A book that is of great interest to critics and readers.

In 2016 Miraggi Edizioni convinces him to sign and publish his fourth book "Passa a sorprendermi" which confirms himself as a contemporary poet on the Italian scene.

The very success of the show and the sales of the book itself makes Gio Evan the most modern live poet in Italy, a success spying on Rizzoli and proposing a contract that he does not deny. At the end of 2016, it is signed with the MarteLabel label.

In 2017, the book "Sometimes I always think about you" is released for Rizzoli, followed by the theatrical performance "INOPIA – Do not Lose Serious". And finally comes "higher", the first single to hit Gio a singer.

2018 comes out "Now everything between us is infinite," always published by Rizzoli. Exit the "Ticket of Only Return" double music disc split between music and poetry, and "Noncontrome", the world's first show. Music, poetry and monologues of comic philosophy.

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