Thursday , February 2 2023

"I did not want to leave Milan"


    Zlatan Ibrahimovic, striker L.A. Galaxy. Getty

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, striker L.A. Galaxy. Getty

The suggestion of a return to Rossonero of Ibra affects the hearts of the fans every day more. "I am a football player" to say the last few days in Milan in the summer of 2012: "I was told not to worry that I will not sell, then Raiola tells me that Leonardo will soon be called, who was a ds from Psg, I said to Mino: I do not answer, and he: they were selling you so much. "

I leave the vault
Informed about the situation, the attacker tried in any way to stay in Milan: "I wanted to have a hard time living in Paris Saint Germain, so I told Raiola: to tell the Parisians that I want the same salary I see in Milan plus other benefits. that they would answer that I was asking too much. "The story, as we all know, had another outlook:" Twenty minutes later, Raiola calls me back and tells me: "I got what you wanted" And I had recently told my wife Helena that the PSG would never accept. At that point I told her to be preparing to leave: I am a speaker. " Now Zlatan can recover what he refused 6 years ago: the rumors of his resounding return to Rossoneri are not restrained.


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