Wednesday , May 31 2023

Influenza campaign: testimony to vaccination


They put their faces to sensitize the population about its importance Influenza vaccination.

The "testimonies" of the exclusion of the initiative are the consultant for the social policy of the municipality of Grosseto, Mirella Milli, the chief health care technician of the Grosseto Police Headquarters, Luigi Spaggiari, three US players Grosseto, Shoon Molinari, Filippo Boccardi and Tommaso Del Nero, the secretary of Unvs Grosseto, Guido Borsetti, local press journalists, internet and television, director of the homogeneous public health and nutrition sector, Maurizio Spangesi, responsible for the hygiene of public health and nutrition in Grosseto, Maria di Cudo, director of the Misericordia hospital, Daniele Lenzie.

This morning, in Villa Pizzetti's central vaccinations, some of the attendees have been vaccinated to promote this opportunity and to highlight the value of this gesture, simple and free, which is a demonstration of protecting the health and altruism of the individual against all people who for various reasons can not be vaccinated. Influence may in fact sometimes have potential effects deadly, as in the case of "fragile" people, elderly or chronic diseases. At the time of 2017-2018, in Tuscany, they were diagnosed 63 serious cases in subjects admitted to intensive care e up to 15 deaths. The peak of influenza is expected in early January 2019, so immunization is recommended between November and December

"We are pleased to participate in this initiative because we can pass on a positive and exemplary message to the population – they say participants -. We thank ASL staff for the availability and professionalism with which they welcomed us and invited citizens to vaccinate against flu, especially those in the risk categories".

Remember that vaccination is recommended e is offered free of charge (pregnant women, diabetes, immune, cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic, oncological diseases) may be more likely to be affected by influenza. E & # 39; free also for public sector workers, children with pediatric disease at risk, personnel in contact with animals causing viral infection, family members who come into contact with people at high risk and this year blood donors. To vaccinate against influenza, it is necessary to contact pediatricians and general practitioners.

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