Wednesday , May 31 2023

Mertens Heart of Gold, a supporter says: "He did it for my mother" – Naples region


  1. Hearts of Gold Mertens, a supporter, says: “He did it for my mother.”Space Naples
  2. Rrahmani: “Osimhen? He always comes in front of us. I’ll give you some information about the Dortmund scheme. It will be difficult for the fans to come back with Turin …”FutbolNaples24
  3. Naples, Spalletti, Sarri’s record – SportmediasetSports Mediaset
  4. Caicedo, Mertens and other “UFOs” of the first 7 days. Here’s who’s worth waiting forGazzetta dello Sport
  5. Find a meeting point … for everyone’s benefit!FutbolNaples24
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