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Pasta diet, how to eat it and lose weight without giving up the taste



Eat a little bit of everything. It is a mantra that feels repetitive. Now to confirm its validity is a very large study conducted in 189 nations over 52 years (from 1961 to 2013). The researchers recorded the habits of the different countries, evaluated their tendency to consume different foods, the greater or lesser monotony. By correlating this parameter with total life expectancy and healthy life expectancy, they concluded that there is a direct link between the widest variety on the table and the increase in average life, a non-changing element, the different socio-economic circumstances of different countries. Reasons: The fluctuation of diet allows you to take a larger amount of micronutrients, such as calcium, manege, iron, zinc, copper, B and C vitamins, while higher monotonicity is associated with increased glycemic load.

SAccording to a recent university research, anti-inflammatory diet is a strong ally of our health because it helps to extend life expectancy and maintain our young people, reducing the risk of premature mortality by 18%.

The study I am referring to took place in Sweden and involved 68,273 men and women between 45 and 83 years of age. Those who were skeptical followed an anti-inflammatory diet and saw, as we have said, the overall mortality risk of 18%, mortality from heart and circulatory diseases by 20% and cancer by 13%.

This result is very interesting on the basis of an obvious fact: inflammation is one of the bad ones of our time because of an "excessive" defense response of the body to factors that are considered dangerous. In the area where this process begins, several molecules are pooled, produced by our body, which are intended to protect us. Recurrent stimuli, however, state that they cause an excessive reaction, ie that it goes beyond what is necessary and is responsible for a state inflammatory tissue that lasts over time, which is the basis of many chronic degenerative diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and cancer. The excessively high presence of these "inflammation molecules" is due to many different stimuli, but mainly due to misbehavior, a typical problem of our society today, where it exceeds the consumption of meat, cheese, snacks, simple sugars, butter, sweets, sugary drinks , refined flour … Our goal is to reduce these exaggerated inflammatory substances in our bodies. But remember: there are no miraculous foods, as there are no foods to be completely demonized.

We can only do the real wonder by learning to choose healthy foods and fit them properly. In this issue of Natural Health Extra we indicate the fundamental rules that we must take to make our body the necessary nutrients, seeking (at the same time) the enjoyment of food at the same time. The diet we are talking about can become a real long-life elixir that helps you stay young and healthy, significantly reducing the risk of developing diseases that pose a great risk to us.

Doctors of the future will not prescribe medication will teach their patients how to treat their bodies with diet. " So he wrote Thomas Edison in 1903. A prediction that has not come true, unfortunately, but which contains a great intuition and scientific truth: today we know that with the right foods we can prevent and keep many diseases in the bay, even the most serious and chronic, and there are many studies showing how food choices can affect quality of life and life expectancy.

The latest study, recently published in the British Journal of Nutrition, was conducted by the Department of Epidemiology and Prevention of the Neuromed Neurological Institute in Pozzilli. The survey included 25 thousand Molise citizens who were observed for eight years. Well: The results show that those who follow a Mediterranean diet (so based on fresh vegetables, in abundance, whole grains, fish, extra virgin olive oil and some meat) live longer. And if you think at some point in life you become a game, you are wrong. The study also focused on over 65 people (representing 5% of the sample taken into consideration) to conclude that those who remain faithful to the diet rules based on cereals, fruits and vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, fish and vegetables sees the risk of death by 25% lower.

Returning to the case, if doctors today (unfortunately) concentrate more on pills than on balanced nutrition, we have a basic tool to live better and better: make the right choices, bring the right foods to the table.

Eat in calories

What makes the difference is the amount of food we consume. B confirms the epidemiological data. »

The longest populations, those living in the blue bands (parts of the world with high hundreds of years: the Okinawa island of Japan, the peninsula of Nicholas in Costa Rica, the island of Hilarion in Greece, Lorna Linda in California and Sardinia) have habit to eat a little. There are many benefits: firstly, it reduces the overweight (cause of diseases that shorten life) and, secondly, activates the cellular repair mechanisms in the hypothalamus. Limiting the contribution specifically means reducing daily calories by 30%, for example from 2,000 to 1,400. Hello Alternative, it can make me half-fast: for me a week I do not eat fruits, cereals and derivatives, legumes, alcohol and sources of animal protein, such as milk, cheese, meat, eggs and fish. Only vegetables with a little oil, herbs and spices, lemon), water, tea and coffee containing polyphenols.

It only takes seven daysChanging a way of eating is a goal to be achieved gradually, involves adopting a new lifestyle that (you see) will give you great satisfaction. The first advantage, the larger, will remain invisible to the eye: the level of inflammation will fall, the silent killer who predisposes to many diseases.

Stopping inflammation means removing diabetes and cardiovascular disease by keeping the cells young, from the brain to the immune system. But you will notice changes already after the first seven days of your new diet: you will feel lighter and more full of energy because you will slowly be able to clear the toxins that slow down digestion and metabolism, cause swelling and cause other vital mechanisms our organization.

Many believe it is a real enemy for our line, but it's not like this: pasta can help you lose weight. Learn how the low-calorie diet works. Label for many years the enemy of our physical form, the pasta is the first food we usually prohibit from our table when deciding to apply a diet. But if we told you that pasta can help in weight loss? It is not a joke to say that is Dietitian Pietro Migliaccio who has developed one hypothermic diet which is based precisely on pasta intake. See how it works.

The properties of pasta
Pasta are often demonized by those who are careful in their own line and yet have many beneficial properties for our body and should never be completely eliminated from nutrition. It is rich in carbohydrates, but it comes to complex carbohydrates which do not immediately enter the circle but are absorbed slowly, reducing the sense of hunger. Pasta avoids sharp and sudden glycemic peaks and does not contain cholesterol, so much so that it can be introduced into the hypolipidic diets, watching the spices. It works as anti-stress, because it releases serotonin, better known as a good humor hormone, and is rich in trpontanum, a substance that promotes the production of hormones of prosperity that soothe the nervous hunger, characteristic of people on a diet.

How does the diet work?
Pasta diet provides for its intake 1100 calories a day. Lose 1-2 pounds a week, depending on the initial weight, and it would be preferable not to extend it beyond two weeks. Professor Migliaccio's diet is based on one Full diet and introduces all the nutrients that the body needs and which are good for health. Do not miss out on sugars, carbohydrates, proteins, fruits, vegetables and fats, prefer these vegetables. The usual ones are foreseen 5 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and two classic snacks, afternoon and afternoon.

A pasta dish a day
Nutrition provides for his recruitment a pasta dish a day, favoring light sauces and avoiding excess fatty spices. Pasta, better if al dente, should be eaten at lunch and it is preferable to consume all or five cereals. At dinner, however, you should consume protein foods such as meat, fish and lean cheese.

Pasta does not make you fat, it is probably important in all controlled diet programs and is able to promote blood glucose control in the diabetic patient. Many people who want to lose weight believe that the first foods to stop absolutely are only pasta and bread. But this is not the case: it is the dose that makes the difference. The most effective slimming diets are not those that make us fast, but those that allow us to introduce a quantity of food that gives saturation with low energy density and that is why not only fruits and vegetables are important, but they are also a good dish of pasta, seasoned perhaps with vegetable sauces.

A piece of 80 grams of fresh tomatoes, a tablespoon of olive oil, preferably extra virgin olive oil and 2 tablespoons of parmesan cheese, bring about 420 kilos, which is even smaller if you use wholemeal pasta (about 400). This is how we feed a hypolipidant food that is then offered for a balanced diet (of course if you do not abuse it) and because it provides a fair amount of protein. In fact, experts suggest that the ratio between proteins of plant and animal origin is 2 to 1. Thus, dishes such as pasta and beans, pasta and chickpeas, or pasta and lentils, of course, should be re-examined.

What matters then is that pasta is necessary to prevent a low-calorie diet from causing weakness, apathy, sadness: all feelings often result directly from limited intake of high-quality carbohydrates, such as starch contained in all cereals and derivatives . The pasta gives good mood, prevents and / or overcomes the feeling of fatigue, gives muscle performance and good quality of life. Here why.

It is the main food of the Mediterranean diet, a set of dietary habits that function as a long-lasting elixir and an antidote for cardiovascular and cancerous diseases. If we look at the pyramid of food, we see that pasta, a worthy leader of the cereal group, is at the bottom, second only to vegetables and fruits. In a healthy and balanced diet, at least 55% of the total calories must come from carbohydrates, particularly complex. According to the guidelines of the correct Italian diet, the reference portion is 80 grams for dry pasta and 120 for fresh eggs, up to eight servings a week. It is estimated that for an adult, under normal conditions, about 180 grams of glucose per day (the final product of starch digestion) is needed to meet energy needs (100-120 grams are only used for the nervous system) and our body is unable to accumulates large deposits: so the offer must be daily.

Because carbohydrates are a key fuel, even for our muscles, so much that athletes consume them to improve their performance. And pasta, thanks to the fact that it has a reduced glycemic index, especially when it is seasoned with vegetables, is a guarantee for better and longer lasting saturation as well as more effective prevention and control of diabetes. Not only this: it also contains a good amount of metal salts, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and certain group B vitamins. It is especially suitable for those who have good blood pressure.

It has then been said that it is also good for mood and this is because it contains tryptophan, the amino acid from which our body is able to produce serotonin, the neurotransmitter lacking in depressive syndromes. Finally, the dough incorporates the beneficial effect of fiber in the adjustment of intestinal function and in the control of cholesterol and glucose. Combined with vegetables such as broccoli, aubergines, zucchini, tomatoes and basil, the Liguria pesto or herbs are transformed into a balanced dish.

In recent decades, the use of vacuum in the industrial sector has evolved strongly, with increasing applications in number and type. Every day we use objects produced with this resource: glass bottles, various plastics and expanded materials, bricks, tiles and food products, among which are the pasta.

Durum wheat pasta is one of the most famous Italian products in the world. The simplicity of the product, which is the law of only two natural ingredients, namely semolina and water, makes it the basis of the Mediterranean diet. Industrial durum wheat semolina is produced with extrusion and drying lines produced mainly in Italy, which give great cooking resistance and maintains the bright yellow color derived from the raw material.

Each production line has its own fermentation machine, in which, through electronic systems, durum wheat semolina is mixed with water in appropriate proportions to optimize the dough to produce different pasta formulations.

After about 20 minutes of processing, the dough is transferred to a smaller kneading machine called the "vacuum". From here the path continues with the action of a helical screw that pushes the dough into the die (different for each size) under which a knife is placed that cuts the dough to the desired length. Teflon or bronze dies are used to obtain a pasta with a rough surface, the favorite of gourmets, as it is able to keep the seasoning longer.

The creation of the vacuum in the fermentation machine allows the dough's moisture to be reduced already at this stage. To prevent the build up of the paste, it is dried, immediately after cutting, with the action of hot air for a few minutes. After pre-drying lasting about one hour, actual drying takes place for a few hours (3 or more) to reach a final moisture of 12%. All drying processes are carried out at a temperature of 90 ° C. Finally, the dough is cooled for 5 minutes at room temperature to avoid condensation during packaging. Automatic production lines prevent human contact throughout the process, ensuring the quality of the final product. It can be noted that, in addition to the two simple basic elements, namely water and semolina, the only element contributing to the transformation process is emptiness. Its main task is to remove the air contained in the mixture.

The paste formed with insufficient vacuum is presented to the eye with different "white dots", visible only after drying, which are a source of porosity. A porous paste becomes inconsistent during cooking, so it comes down to the notion of "al dente pasta". Επιπλέον, η αφαίρεση του αέρα σημαίνει απομάκρυνση του οξυγόνου το οποίο, εκτός από την οξειδώση του προϊόντος, τείνει να αποχρωματίσει το φυσικό χρυσοκίτρινο τυπικό του σιταριού.

Η ποιότητα του ζυμαρικού εξαρτάται συνεπώς από την επιλογή της ποιότητας του σίτου και της προέλευσής του, από το νερό που παρέχει τα μεταλλικά άλατα και από το βαθμό κενού που πρέπει να είναι υψηλό και σταθερό. Από το 1923, έτος ίδρυσής της, η Pneumofore ασχολείται με την έρευνα και την ανάπτυξη καινοτόμων, αξιόπιστων, ανθεκτικών και περιβαλλοντικά βιώσιμων λύσεων στον τομέα των αντλιών κενού και των αεροσυμπιεστών. Η εξέλιξη οδήγησε στη μετατροπή των αντλιών της σειράς V σε πτερύγια με λίπανση πτώσης (που χρησιμοποιείται από τη δεκαετία του '40 έως τη σειρά UV), η οποία χαρακτηρίζεται από μοναδική και αποκλειστική απόδοση για λιπαντικές μονοβάθμιες αντλίες.

Εφαρμογές όπως τα ζυμαρικά, τα τούβλα και οι αφροί, που χαρακτηρίζονται από την παρουσία υδρατμών και νερού, μέχρι πριν λίγα χρόνια ήταν το αποκλειστικό προνόμιο των υγρών δακτυλιοειδών αντλιών. σήμερα, με τη χρήση αντλιών πτερυγίων Pneumofore της σειράς UV, επιτυγχάνονται ασύγκριτες επιδόσεις τόσο από την άποψη της ταχύτητας ροής όσο και της στάθμης κενού, με τη χρήση λιγότερης ηλεκτρικής ενέργειας και την εξάλειψη των οικολογικών επιπτώσεων που απορρέουν από τη διαχείριση υγρών (νερού ή πετρελαίου) , λόγω σημαντικών δαπανών προμήθειας και διάθεσης.

Λαμβάνοντας υπόψη τη μοναδική εξοικονόμηση ενέργειας σε συνδυασμό με το περιορισμένο κόστος συντήρησης, έχουμε πάρει επενδυτικές αποδόσεις οι οποίες καθιστούν τις ίδιες τις επενδύσεις ανέφικτες. Επιπλέον, χάρη στη βελτίωση της απόλυτης απόδοσης, βελτιώνεται επίσης σημαντικά η ποιότητα των προϊόντων.

Το 1998, στο Pastificio Garofalo, στο "ιερό έδαφος" του Gragnano, όπου η ποιότητα των ζυμαρικών είναι αδιαμφισβήτητη, εγκαταστάθηκε η πρώτη αντλία UV16 για να αντικαταστήσει τρεις αντλίες υγρού δακτυλίου. Εκτός από την εξάλειψη των προβλημάτων που σχετίζονται με τη διαχείριση των υδάτων, η χρησιμοποιούμενη ηλεκτρική ενέργεια μειώθηκε κατά 15%. με την ίδια χωρητικότητα, το επίπεδο κενού έχει αυξηθεί και, κατά συνέπεια, και η ποιότητα. Επί του παρόντος, εγκαθίστανται σε αυτό το εργοστάσιο επτά μονάδες UV16 BP και μία μονάδα UV8 BP, επιβεβαιώνοντας την αξιοπιστία, τη σταθερή απόδοση και την εξοικονόμηση ενέργειας που εγγυάται τα συστήματα κενού Pneumofore, τα οποία αντανακλώνται στην άψογη ποιότητα του τελικού προϊόντος.

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