Friday , September 30 2022

SUNDAY / Advance payments: Mara Veniere, "my return to Rai? The first call to Maria de Philippi"


Mara Venier takes advantage of the presence of Emma Marrone, former winner of Amici, to talk about her return to Domenica In's wheel after many years with Maria de Philippi. The presenter remembers the first call he received from the top of Rai and the subsequent phone call to seek advice from his honorable colleague. Far from public television for many years, and especially from the Sunday program that made it famous, Venier found for Mediaset a space adapted to its availability: for that reason, initially thought to retreat offer and continue on the road that you have take over a few years. To change her mind was De Filippi, who, at the same time he heard about the proposal to return to RAI, advised her to accept it immediately. "I made the first phone call to Maria," says Venier, "he told me" You can not say no. "I did not want to do it at first." (Text by Fabiola Iuliano)

Simona Iszo, Alba Parisetti

Sunday in back on the road with his new episode. The tenth date with the protagonist Mara Venier, will open with a rich talk show titled "The Princess Charming?". On the Casa Rai flagship network starting at 2 pm, live at Fabrizio Frizzi Studios in Rome, there will be a way to discuss it with many visitors. On the side of the presenter, we will find Guillermo Mariotto, Simona Iszo, Alba Parietti and journalists Candida Morvillo and Azzurra Della Penna. We are going to follow, everything advances. Great expectations also for his arrival Antonella Clerici, her protagonist Portobello Saturday night During an interview with Maurizio Costanto, the former leader of La Prova del Cuoco, had said about previous disputes with Venier: "With Mara I made historical controversy, fight on Sunday When the walls were shaken because I came from the success of" La prova del cuoco "and therefore were important years of professional development, he returned to Domenica In after a long period of absence … Clearly put two first donna together, something has to happen … ". we will see if this afternoon the two pipes will reveal an unprecedented background.

Domenica In, expectations and visitors

Antonella Clerici, her guest Mara Venier during Sunday in, after the interview will cause in a nice cooking trial: be able to throw the "perfect" sheet. An excellent judge will be the former chef of La Prova del Cuoco, Daniele Persegani. For the space devoted to music, there will be a way of listening Emma Brown, just leave this Friday with "Be Qui – Boom Edition". The singer-songwriter of Salento will be followed by a large group of fans. Emma, ​​in addition to saying in an interview Mara Venier will sing the last single of "World". As always during the Sunday show, home viewers will be able to play live on the scoreboard quiz. Another interesting venue will be dedicated to the actor Claudio Amendola, which will intervene to present the new television series Rai1 Black in half, screened on Monday, November 19 in six episodes. Finally, for the space devoted to women's stories, the presenter will chat with the lady Rita Lance, her mother Federica De Luca and grandmother Andrea, was killed in 2016 in Taranto by her husband Federica and his father.

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